‘More forever’; Shamna Kasim shared a picture with her fiancé

Actress Shamna Kasim shared a picture with her fiancé Shanid Asifali amid trolls on social media. The actress shared a picture of the two together with a love emoji and captioned it as ‘Always mine’. Actress Rachana Narayanan Kutty, Pearli Mani and others commented on the film.

The actress also shared pictures of the garlanding ceremony on Instagram. The photos were shared with the caption the most special day of life, thank you for your blessings. The actress got engaged two months ago.

Shanid Asifali is the founder and CEO of JBS Group Company. Shamna, who is a native of Kannur, is famous for her reality show. She entered the film industry in 2004 with the film Manju Pola Oru Nagarika. He has acted in many Malayalam films like Pachakuthira, Bhargavacharitam third khandam, Ali Bhai, College Kumaran, Chattakari, Blog Oru Kuttanadan, Rajadhi Raja, Aaru Sundarial Katha, Makaramanju.

With the Telugu film Shree Mahalakshmi, she established her presence in foreign languages ​​as well. Tamil also shone as the heroine in the film Moontramand, directed by Thirumurugan. It is known as Purna outside Malayalam.

Apart from Malayalam and Tamil, the actor is also active in Kannada. The actress was last seen in Visirathiran, the Tamil remake of Joseph. Active presence at stage shows and award nights.

Shamna was born on May 23, 1989 as the youngest of five children to Kasim and Ramla Bivi in ​​a local fishing family in Kannur. Educated at Ursuline Higher Secondary School, Kannur and St. Mary’s Anglo-Indian High School. Teresa, Kannur. He graduated in English Literature through distance education. Later came reality shows.

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