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Annual card, we used to talk about it every day, but the previous annual card has always used 4 G. It is rare to hear that there is a 5G annual card, but it is not, but the market is relatively small for the CMHK turn “Duck Talk” is one of them. One, in the old year, there were three annual cards to upgrade to 5G, but all of them were relatively low usage. Except for the Gimmick, it didn’t seem right. attractive. MORE Mobile, which uses csl.’s network, has recently launched their first 5G annual card. Low usage is around 60GB, and high usage is even as much as 600GB! Not only that, there is a 2 year card, which can be used for 2 years! For more details, read below!

Portable number turntable! Prepare the information you need to know

MYO Mobile 5G annual card supports MNP number transfer, and the transfer is free of card fee and free transfer fee. You can apply for a transfer even if you go off the street. You can apply for a transfer within 2 working days at the earliest. If you are a customer on the platform, you need to provide the transfer phone number, registrant information and appointment expiry date, and if you are a stored value card customer, you need to provide the transfer phone number, the stored value card number (the long number on the SIM card) and the date of the flip.

There are one and two year plans to choose from

The network operator used by the MORE Mobile stored value card is csl. It supports VoLTE and VoWiFi functions of mobile phones. You can apply for a data roaming service when you want to travel abroad. You can add value online even if you are abroad, and support the function of the flight line. The 5G card launched by MORE Mobile this year offers a one-year plan and a two-year plan.

year plan

There are 60GB and 600GB usage options to meet the needs of low usage and high usage users. The former has a discounted price of $199, which is an average of $16.5 per month with 5GB, including 2000 minutes of local calls; while the latter has a discounted price of $899, with an average of $75 per month. 50GB will also include 2000 minutes of local calls.

two year plan

The two year plan is not as good as the one year plan. There is only one plan, 100GB for 2 years, the discount price is $299, the monthly average is $12.5, about 4GB of data per month, just like the one- plan year, it will send 2000 local call logs.


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