MORE stocks are creating a stain on the Thai stock market

behind “Ping Pong or Aphimuk Bamrungwong” A former marketer in his early 30s, the 4th largest shareholder of MORE shares, sent orders for MORE shares through 11 brokers after planning to increase the buying limit with different brokers in advance. by ordering more than 1,500 million shares MORE shares at a price of 2.90 baht at the opening price (ATO), which matched or matched the stock orders of more than 20 investors who were also supposed to sell at the price ATO right before the MORE shares They were bombarded and sold continuously all day. Press the price down to close the market at 1.95 baht, down 30% from the previous day. As a result, the value of MORE shares increased to more than 7,143 million baht, the highest in the market. Before the stock price plunged another 30% on November 11, 2022, amid broker panic. After checking and receiving a signal from “Aphimuk Bamrungwong” that there will be no payment for the purchase of shares to complete the deal, receive shares and pay for the purchase on November 14, 2022

As a result, an emergency meeting was called on Sunday, November 13, 2022 of the damaged broker. with representatives from the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including “Aphimuk” and lawyers, including preliminary discussions with the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), leading to an application AMLO Ordered a freeze or freeze payment for selling MORE shares to more than 10 investors!! is from examining the list of people whose money was confiscated for selling shares They are almost all of the top 10 shareholders MORE!! Including “Kim-Athipat Phonprapha”

This scandalous stock deal also resulted in Asia Wealth Securities being ordered to temporarily cease doing business, sacrificing MORE shares because money was being taken from a securities account for clients. used to pay for the purchase of shares As a result, “Chanachai Juljiraporn”, the CEO of Asia Wealth, had to resign immediately to take responsibility.

Although the stock market submitted a letter Ask the Central Bureau of Investigation to help investigate this case. Before joining the broker to submit a complaint against “fraudulent” cases, along with submitting evidence to the Economic Crime Prevention Division (ECD)

Pol Lt Gen said. Jirapob, the commissioner of the Central Investigation Center, the victims brokers believe that they are “fraudulent” conspiracy, with one buyer and 20 sellers suspected of being involved. or as a group of the same movement What will the facts be? need a thorough investigation. Including checking the financial path of various transactions While on the side of the stock market, “Pakorn Peetathawatchai”, the director and manager of the stock exchange He revealed that this audit of MORE stock trading irregularities did not collect evidence, only the date of the event. but have examined in detail retrospectively to discover patterns of suspicious behavior on other issues as well Cases of fraud and price manipulation

But all of these have issues that are questionable and suspect that the depth of stock trading MORE this time has more behind the scenes. Was it deliberately distorted to pay for the shares of “Apimukh”? What was the motive for “Apimukh” reveals his face as the only defendant!!

MORE stocks are creating a stain on the Thai stock market

There are several streams of unconfirmed information. both in the case that “Aphimuk” wants to show responsibility after persuading “Kim-Athipat Phonprapha” to buy MORE shares at a high price, and “Athipat” wants to “get out”, but if sold normally in the board May the fall of the stock price, causing a significant drop, “Apimukh” so had to go in and buy it back itself.

Including the case where “Aphimuk” brought “Athipat” to know “Hia Mo” Amarit Klomchitcharoen The number one shareholder, owner of MORE shares, the real one. and negotiating a business deal There is a pinch to raise the issue of bringing the “Phornprapha” business indirectly to the stock market, similar to a back door through MORE, which will lead to an increase in the price of MORE shares, but the negotiations’ n likely to be unsuccessful. The share price cannot continue, so “Athipat” wants to sell MORE shares.

From the data also that Throwing MORE trading orders, there are not only “Athipat” and “Phornprapha” group orders, but there are also sales thrown by many top TOP 10 shareholders, while “Hia Mo ” himself has confirmed that He did not sell a single share in his own name!! However, it is believed that “Apimukh” will benefit from trading MORE shares for many rounds because he is a trader who is close to the information.

All of the above is unconfirmed information. But the incident has affected the confidence of investors and Shake up the status of the broker. especially evaluating potential customers That led to the credit limit for stock trading, for example, in the case of “Aphimuk” received a credit limit from more than 10 brokers at the same time, almost 5,000 million baht, and when there was a problem, he chose taking out debt and not paying for the purchase of shares even a single baht It is another event that creates a stain on the Thai stock market.

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