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[SAPOD]Presenting space images today. We present typical images submitted by sorae in the past, attractive images released by space agencies around the world, and images sent by space astronomy fans and experts. (A link to the original article is at the end of the article)

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  • Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech
  • sorae – more than 1000 celestial bodies orbit the sun, their true identity is a ‘potentially dangerous asteroid’

Here is the path of more than 1,000 “PHA” asteroids confirmed to be potentially hazardous” submitted by sorae in the article on September 5, 2021.imaginationin.

Sometimes asteroids approaching the earth are talked about in the news. However, it is said to be unlikely that a dangerous asteroid will hit the Earth in any given year.

However, some of the mass extinctions of life in the past have been linked to asteroid collisions, and humans have focused on cataloging the discovery of an asteroid that could one day affect life on Earth.

This image shows the orbits of celestial bodies around the sun. Apart from planets, it orbits more than 1000 asteroids that have been confirmed as potentially dangerous.

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