More than 12,000 offenders arrested in a week in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, more than 12,000 offenders were arrested in a single week. Most of those arrested were residence law violators. The Saudi Interior Ministry said more than 10,000 illegal immigrants had been deported. Saudi Arabia is on high alert for illegal immigrants, illegal workers and aiding and abetting offenders.

According to reports released by the Saudi Interior Ministry, 12,358 offenders have been arrested in various parts of the country in the past week. Of these, 7,626 were residence law violators. 3,237 border security violators and 1,495 labor law offenders were arrested. 285 people were arrested while entering Saudi Arabia illegally from neighboring countries.

A total of 117 people were arrested for trying to cross into Saudi Arabia illegally. Eight people have been arrested for providing assistance to illegal occupants, including travel and accommodation. 11,775 offenders deported. The deportation of 2,530 people has been completed. The embassies were asked to correct the deportation documents of 67,584 people.

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