More than 30 units in Hainan organized a delegation to participate in the high-level agricultural meeting to showcase the achievements of high-efficiency tropical agricultural science and technology-News Center-South China Sea Network

Hainan Daily News (Reporter Fu Renyi Information Reporter Liang) From September 15th to 19th, the 29th China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Achievement Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Agricultural High-tech Fair) was held in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, Hainan took participated as the guest of honor organized 30 A number of agricultural enterprises and scientific research institutions took part in the exhibition.

Uzbekistan is the main guest country of this year’s agricultural summit, with the theme “innovation, cooperation and food security”. The High Agricultural Society also held 11 key activities, in the form of a combination of exhibition halls, cloud exhibitions, and field exhibitions, to showcase new achievements, new technologies, and agricultural science and technology innovation, exhibition and promotion, and international exchanges and cooperation in serving and ensuring national food security, a new way.

The top structure of the Hainan Pavilion is turned into an infinity symbol of “∞” with the Arabic number “8”, which means that science and technology will create an infinite development space for the high-efficiency agriculture characteristic of Hainan’s tropics. The exhibition hall focused on the scientific and technological achievements made by Hainan to build a tropical characteristic and high efficiency agriculture around “five foundations and one area”. More than 30 exhibitors displayed more than 100 products, covering Nanfan seed industry, planting industry, fisheries. , animal husbandry, In the deep processing industry of agricultural products, etc., new fishery varieties such as “Tiger-Dragon Hybrid Spot” and “Penaeus vannamei” were exhibited, which attracted strong interest and high attention of many traders.

Vice Governor Liu Pingzhi attended the opening ceremony of the High-Level Agricultural Conference and delivered a speech at the Yangling Modern Agriculture High-End Forum.

Original title: More than 30 units in Hainan organized a group to participate in the high-level agricultural meeting to showcase the tropical characteristics and scientific and technological achievements of high-efficiency agriculture

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