More than 400 people have been diagnosed with monkey pox… WHO is also very nervous

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More than 400 people have been infected with ‘monkey pox’ worldwide.

International statistical site ourworldindata announced on the 29th that as of the 27th (local time), there were 403 cases of ‘monkey pox’ in 22 countries around the world.

The country with the most reported cases is the UK, with 106 cases so far. Starting with the UK, more cases are emerging across Europe. Spain also reported 106 cases, followed by Portugal (74), Germany (21) and Italy (12). In North America, there were 9 confirmed cases in the United States and 26 cases in Canada.

In addition to Europe and North America, confirmed cases have also been reported in the Middle East and South America. In the Middle East, one case was reported in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, and two cases of ‘monkey pox’ were reported in Argentina in South America.

Initially, the World Health Organization (WHO) said monkey pox was not a disease to be wary of. The smallpox vaccine, which is less contagious than COVID-19 and kept by Danish vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic in preparation for a biological warfare, is more than 85% effective against monkeypox.

photo = Yonhap News

photo = Yonhap News

However, as the spread of the virus grows, the WHO is also worried. Sylvie Briand, director of WHO’s international infection risk countermeasures, said on the 27th, “It is not known at this time whether we are at the peak of the iceberg. We are still at the very beginning of the spread.” did.

Maria van Kerkhov, head of the WHO’s technical team, said in an online briefing on the 26th that “the number of cases of monkeypox infection is expected to increase further.”

Monkey smallpox is a viral disease similar to smallpox.

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