More than 500 Chinese Internet Army accounts that spread false information about the source of the epidemic are deleted by Facebook

At the beginning of August this year, the social network suddenly reported remarks claiming to be Swiss biologist Wilson Edwards. He pointed out that the United States was interfering with the COVID-19 virus traceability investigation, which was also quoted and reported by many Chinese official media. The incident aroused the attention of many netizens. The Swiss Embassy in China also issued a statement on August 10 to clarify that there is no citizen named Wilson Edwards in the local area, and there are no academic articles signed by relevant persons in the biology community.

After clarification by relevant parties in Switzerland, a number of Chinese official media deleted the quotation of Edwards, and Facebook’s parent company Meta recently published a report to disclose the results of the follow-up investigation. Meta said that 10 hours after the Wilson Edwards account was established on Facebook on July 24, the first article was uploaded. The content refers to a WHO source who disclosed to him that the United States continues to attack China over the issue of virus traceability, and he feels that things are being politicized. dissatisfied. Meta investigation found that users of this account used VPN to hide their identities and locations. Initially, those who liked and shared articles were fake accounts. Later, real accounts were added, most of which came from employees of Chinese state-owned infrastructure companies in more than 20 countries.

One of the companies named by Meta is Sichuan Silent Information Technology Co., Ltd., which claims to provide network and information security services for the Ministry of Public Security and the National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center. The report mentioned that Facebook had deleted Wilson Edwards account in August, and also deleted 524 Facebook accounts, 20 special pages, 4 groups and 86 Instagram accounts, and also removed the content they posted. . Meta’s report stated that this is the first time they have discovered that coordinated national personnel have used this method to expand the influence of individual messages.

Source: NPR Mewe page:


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