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On June 22nd, a new sale of titles for Nintendo Switch started at the Nintendo eShop. There are 64 items on sale. Including the titles whose sale started after the previous article (published on June 16th), there are about 150 works. In this article, I will pick up some of them and introduce them.


■ Lowest price update title

Set in a closed school connected to another world, an RPG that fights using the power of the devil that feeds on ego and madness, “the power of vanity.”
・ 3388 yen including tax / 60% off (Storelink)

“Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana”
An action RPG that depicts a story about mana, introducing a “land make” system in which players build the world by placing objects on the map. The 4th HD remastered version of the “Seiken Densetsu” series.
・ 2112 yen including tax / 40% off (Storelink)

『No More Heroes』
Travis, the 11th-ranked hitman in the United States, kills each other with the top rankers. HD remastered version of the work released in 2007. The second work “No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle” is also the lowest price.
・ 980 yen including tax / 55% off (Storelink)

“Lorona’s Atelier-Arland’s Alchemist-DX”
An alchemy RPG in which the fledgling alchemist Lorona struggles to prevent the atelier from being crushed. The DX version includes all DLC and additional elements. Two other “Arland” works and three “Twilight” works are also on sale at the lowest prices.
・ 3696 yen including tax / 30% off (Storelink)

“Rune Factory 5”
A fantasy RPG that lives in the nature-rich town of Rig Bath, such as field work, fishing, adventures using weapons and magic, interaction and romance with the residents of the town.
・ 3839 yen including tax / 50% off (Storelink)

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『ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights』

『ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights』
Metroidvania, a girl with memory loss, unravels a mystery with the help of knights in a kingdom that has been destroyed by the curse of immortality.
・ 1909 yen including tax / 30% off (Storelink)

“Abyss Memory Flightless Angels and Magic Lines”
A drawing adventure in which the player draws a line on the screen to create a path and guides an angel.
・ 1440 yen including tax / 40% off (Storelink)

Vertical scroll STG operated with 2 buttons.
・ 100 yen including tax / 83% off (Storelink)

Roguelike action from a top-down perspective.
・ 100 yen including tax / 95% off (Storelink)

“Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Striker”

■ Lowest price
『Caligula2 』
A school juvenile RPG where the main characters try to return to the real world from a virtual world that fulfills everyone’s desire to redo. The element addition version of the previous work “Caligula Overdose” is also on sale at the lowest price.
・ 3511 yen including tax / 60% off (Storelink)

“Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Striker”
An action RPG in which a phantom thief in the heart challenges a new incident that occurred during the summer vacation after the ending of “Persona 5”.
・ 5324 yen including tax / 45% off (Storelink)

“The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2 -The Inauguration and Satoru of Ryunosuke Naruhodo-“
A court mystery adventure that summarizes two works of the “Great Ace Attorney” series that fights in the court of Japan and London in the Meiji era. “Phoenix Wright 123 Naruhodo Selection” is also on sale.
・ 2994 yen including tax / 40% off (Storelink)

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“The compass of Dei Gracia”

“Into the Depths”
Set in a world where the surface of the earth is covered with ice, Metroidvania where the hero guided by an unknown machine explores the deep sea.
・ 1490 yen including tax / 25% off (Storelink)

“The compass of Dei Gracia”
A sci-fi suspense novel game that explores what happened on a deep-sea tour boat that sank to a depth of 700m, relying on records and memories.
・ Tax-included 792 yen / 20% off (Storelink)

At the Nintendo eShop, many works other than those mentioned are on sale. Also, please note that the sale period of the published works is different.


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