More than 600 cities are preparing for fasting prayers to save unborn babies; Campaign ’40 Days’ September. From 28 onwards

New York: More than 600 cities are preparing for the ’40 Days for Life’ prayer campaign, which has saved many babies in the womb and turned many into pro-life warriors. ’40 Days for Life’ is a pro-life campaign that includes fasting, praying in front of and around abortion clinics and organizing counseling for 40 days. The new campaign will start on 28 September and end on 6 November.

Apart from North America and Latin America, ’40 Days for Life’ is held in many countries such as Belgium, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Prayers are organized for 12 hours every day in front of abortion clinics. The campaign will also include bishops and priests offering Eucharistic Adoration and Eucharistic Adoration on temporary altars set up near abortion clinics.

The ’40 Days for Life’ prayer initiative was founded in 2004. Behind it were four people who waited for God’s special call to end abortion through 40 days of vigil prayers, fasting, and outreach to different communities. Although there were only 33 locations in the first national campaign organized in 2007, today ’40 Days for Life’ has a remarkable presence in more than 1000 cities in 63 countries.

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