More than a dozen Hong Kong heavyweight old cases are vividly reproduced by Wei Jiahui’s “madness” to create a “Detective War” that makes the audience dare not breathe_TOM Entertainment

More than a dozen old Hong Kong heavy-mouthed cases reappeared Wei Jiahui “Crazy” Create a “Detective War” that makes the audience dare not breathe

The most familiar comment on Hong Kong movies is probably “everything goes too far, it’s crazy”. And the 2022 lively Hong Kong film “Detective War, which reminded many viewers who like Hong Kong movies again. “This time, a group of detectives went to war, including all the corpses of the magic police butcher and the gangsters into the revenge list to go crazy and kill!” Through the comments of fans, it is not difficult to see that “The Detective War” has truly achieved the “vigorous and heavy-mouthed” of Hong Kong crime films familiar in memory and the “exciting and tense” of action films, reappearing on the big screen. .

The movie “The Detective War” was written, directed and supervised by the famous Hong Kong filmmaker Wei Jiahui, supervised by Zhu Shuyi, and joined by many powerful stars such as Liu Qingyun, Cai Zhuoyan, Lin Feng, Li Ruotong, Tan Kai, Chen Jiale, Tang Yi, He Peiyu, etc. The film is popular all over the country. Screening!

The rhythm is fast and refreshing Directed by Wai Ka Fai 20 Earthshaking in hours

“The Detective back then only told about one case, but this Detective War, a ‘Detective’ case contains at least a dozen cases.” In the opinion of director Wei Jiahui, the current era is full of information and there are too many changes , and the creation of the movie, you can also try to incorporate more information into it: “This time in the movie, it only takes 20 hours, and the world has changed dramatically.”

A preview of the next case is left at the scene of the murder, and the cases are superimposed one by one, making “Detective War” bring the audience into a tense atmosphere where no detail can be missed from the beginning. In the exquisite setting of “criminal crime and chasing the murderer”, the film is advanced in a “fast paced and enjoyable” way. Some viewers commented that “”The Detective War” has injected new interest into the crime theme of Hong Kong. In this game of guessing the detective and catching the real murderer, the rhythm is fast, the overall density is very high, and the sense of engagement is very strong.”

The adaptation and reproduction of the heavy mouth case Detective War” packaged and presented more than tenpiece bizarre injustice

“Kwun Tong Demon Police Case”, “Yuen Long Butcher Case”, “Victoria Harbour Shredding Corpse Case”, “Typhoon Shelter Cooking Corpse Case”, “Rainy Night Murder Case”, “Temple Street Killing and Flying Corpse Case”… The cases that appeared in “The Detective War” The name has its own chilling effect. But these more than ten heavy-duty old cases are not groundless, and each of them actually has a shocking case prototype. For example, the “Rainy Night Murder Case” that Li Jun pursued by bicycle was based on the “Rainy Night Butcher Case” that happened in 1982. Li Jun and Chen Yi drove to Temple Street to track down the “Temple Street Killing and Flying Corpse Case”. The prototype refers to the Hong Kong kidnapping case that occurred from 1959 to 1961, also known as the “Three Wolf Case”.

Even Li Jun saw a demon on a boat when he was young and shot, so he was found to be insane, and there was a real case prototype. It is reported that this happened in the 1969 Deep Bay Marine Police Ship Massacre. At that time, a marine police ship was patrolling in the Deep Bay, and the 40-year-old policeman Li suddenly lost his mind, picked up the long gun on the ship and shot at his comrades…

Having packed more than ten heavy-duty old cases in one go, director Wai Ka Fai can be described as very bold this time. And it is this kind of bold creation that makes the crime film of “Detective War” extraordinarily strong. At the same time, the viciousness of the crimes also made the audience understand the reason why “Crazy Detective” Li Jun insisted on finding out the truth of these cases even if he was mentally ill. Even if no one listens to him, Li Jun will write down the truth he has found in a place where people come and go, hoping that someone will see the truth. And this also constitutes the bloody part of “Detective War”. In the film, during the tense pursuit of the murderer, when Chen Yi played by Cai Zhuoyan said to Li Jun played by Liu Qingyun, “Actually, you are no longer a policeman, you don’t have to fight like this”, Li Jun shouted back: “I am a policeman! One day policeman , I police!”

The movie “The Detective War” is produced by Emperor (Beijing) Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Emperor Film Co., Ltd., and Beijing Shangshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Huawen Image (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd. Produced, mad detective, the ultimate chasing, the national hit, the experience is vivid, it is urgent!

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