More than drama! Sick man with two legs amputated, finds true love, a girl who doesn’t care about anyone’s eyes until marriage

More than drama! A sick man gets two legs amputated, becomes disabled, finds true love, a girl who doesn’t care about anyone’s eyes Overcoming obstacles – the word poor people get married.

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Social media is giving more attention to a love story that is more touching than a novel of a man who, despite being so ill that he had to have surgery on both his legs, had a girl to walk into’ w life and be inspired to continue living happily. .

Young Tô Đình Khánh, 29, from Dakhlak province. Vietnam He used to be a handsome man, cheerful and passionate in business. One day in April 2018 when he was about to open a business shop. He had a strange pain, his leg was weak and couldn’t get up and couldn’t walk, so he was taken to the emergency room.

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Doctors ruled that both legs had to be amputated to save his life. This is because blood vessels are blocked in the abdomen, preventing blood from moving down the leg. He only had a 50% chance of survival after two operations to amputate the leg and to heal the necrotic hip. He thought that his life would be completely dark from now on. hope to end his life

but with love, care and encouragement from relatives and friends make him go through hardship Strive to overcome their own disabilities to create a brighter future and to inspire those around them, especially those who are struggling in life .

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He has always lived an optimistic life with the idea that “Be kind to life. Life will be beautiful again.” Until he met 26-year-old Thuong in March 2022, who was known on social media while she was living in Japan. Then they continued to talk until two months later, he decided to return to Vietnam to meet. The moment he ran to hug him at the airport made the young man feel alive again.

Both have overwhelming love and compassion. In life they face many challenges, including objections that are inappropriate. Girls should find someone better. Or a girl wants to marry out of money, but they decide to stay together to share and encourage each other.

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when she texts I think we text to exchange, encourage and make new friends. It was fun too At first I thought there were people talking, encouraging and sharing about life. We realize that we have a lot in common. the same outlook on life and our feelings increase After being abroad for five years, she is a very strong and resilient girl.”

“I warned my girlfriend that if she knew me, she would have to overcome many difficulties. Objection perhaps from her family. or even the gossip in society, but I stand firm with that choice. I also felt her sympathy. her sacrifice Her strong determination when she talks to her family.”

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“Her mother kept asking if she was sure. in case she would hurt me later if she changed. At that time, I felt that this woman really dared to approach me. and overcome family obstacles with the support of both families So we decided to get married.”

“My wife is also in a good mood. And I fear that she is hurt by people’s words. I always comforted her. People praised and criticized in society, she feared, so sad to encourage her. since then We have more faith and strength to overcome all obstacles.”

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“What interests me the most is love and bringing happiness to my future wife. life belongs to every person If anyone supports me, I appreciate it, and if anyone says bad things I shouldn’t care.

The couple will marry in mid-October. More than 400 guests attended the pre-wedding photo of the beautiful bride in a wedding dress with a bright smile. And the young man in the neat suit received countless compliments from everyone. as well as sending overwhelming blessings to both of them

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