Mori Yuya joins the ORIX press conference “Everything echoed” in the fierce attack He joined the local team “I am very happy” | Full Account

102 total home runs, 449 RBI marks as a “crusher”, decided jersey number is “4”

Yuya Mori, a catcher who has decided to exercise FA rights from Seibu and transfer to Orix, held a joining press conference at a hotel in Osaka on the 26th. As for why he decided to transfer, he said, “I really wanted you to come, so everything resonated.” The uniform number has been officially decided as “4”.

Joining press conference held in his hometown, Osaka. Mori, who appeared at the press conference in a suit, said with a firm expression, “I’m very happy. I played with (Buffaloes) Jr. when I was in the 6th grade, and Nakajima-san is also a catcher. I thought I could still get better. I thought,” he said.

It was decided that the uniform number, which was “10” during the Seibu era, was “4”. He chose the same number as Molina (Cardinals), which Mori himself aspired to and retired from active play at the end of this season, being considered the best catcher in the major leagues.

Mori won the Pacific League MVP in 2019. With a .329 batting average, he became the second leading hitter in the Pacific League after Katsuya Nomura in 1965. 289 batting average, 102 home runs, and 449 RBI. Shining in the Top Nine three times, he showed his presence as one of the best “crushing catchers” in the baseball world.

The team held the first talks on the 13th, two days after the FA talks were raised on the 11th, and it was a quick settlement three days after that. In the opening game of next season (Belluna Dome) on March 31st, the team will strangely clash with their old club, Seibu.

Regarding the game between No. 4 Yamakawa, who was a good friend, “Of course, a home run is the same, and one swing can change the atmosphere of the game immediately. If I can lead carefully and carefully, I look looking forward to it. I haven’t played against him yet, so I don’t know how scary he is. No, but it’s something to look forward to.”

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