Mori Yuya’s “flashy suit” caused an uproar in the press, “I don’t like it.”

The lining of the suit is seen with the colorful national flags of each country.

Yuya Mori, a catcher who has decided to exercise FA rights from Seibu and transfer to Orix, held a joining press conference at a hotel in Osaka on the 26th. He spoke of his commitment to his shirt number and his attachment to his home town, but on this day, it was the flashy suit lining that rocked the venue the most.

Admiring the Cardinals’ famous catcher, Molina, he chose the uniform number “4”. At the end of the interview, the outfit was unveiled, but the moment the jacket was removed, the venue was surrounded by commotion.

The lining of the suit has a flashy pattern with colorful national flags scattered around. GM Fukura, who was also present, couldn’t help but say, “Oh!”

When asked about the suit’s lining after finishing the joining press conference, Mori said with a wry smile, “Don’t do that~”. When asked by a photographer to take a picture, he said, “I don’t like it. It’s absolutely impossible (laughs).”

(Kengo Hashimoto)

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