Mori’s filthy exit intention reported excuse for female contempt

Mori’s nasty exit from’female contempt’… “Intentional reporting” excuse
Insisting that the problem statement is an interpretation problem… Try to say hello to the backroom
Criticized by saying “Japan is an emperor-centered god’s country” when he was prime minister

(Tokyo = Yonhap News) Correspondent Lee Se-won = Woman Yoshiro Mori, who expressed his appreciation for the derogatory remarks of a woman, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Chairman (corresponding to the chairman), made excuses or blamed the media.
It is a pattern of losing dignity and being expelled, such as controversy while trying to secretly choose a successor in the yard of retreating due to inappropriate speech.
At a press conference held in Tokyo on the 12th, Mori expressed his apology and expressed gratitude, saying, “My inappropriate remarks caused great trouble.”

However, as reported by the Asahi Newspaper on the 13th, Mori made an action that could cause doubts about whether he was sincerely reflecting, such as emphasizing the achievements of the past seven years as chairman or diluting his responsibilities.
Regarding the remarks in question, “I think it’s a way of interpretation, I’ll swear again if I say that,” said at an interview.
“I think there have been some intentional reports about being criticized for being despised by women,” he said. “I have come to the organization and praised women as much as possible, and I don’t have any desire to despise women.”

Born in 1937 during the Sino-Japanese War, and 83-year-old Mori, “I worked hard for the country and for the world. It is absolutely unpleasant to express the elderly as if they were bad.” I want to study.”
Mori mentioned the issue of increasing the number of female directors at the temporary council meeting of the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) held on the 3rd of this month, and said, “The board of directors with a large number of women will take time.”
He said, “I have a strong sense of competition. If someone raises their hand and talks, I think I should also speak. So everyone seems to be speaking,” he said.
At the time, it was pointed out that the remarks despised women and promoted prejudice, but Mori endured for over a week saying that she had no intention of resigning.

Afterwards, as critical reports from the media around the world continued and public opinion deteriorated, Mori expressed her appreciation as if pushed.
Prior to the company’s announcement, he asked the former Japan Football Association president, Kawabuchi Saburo, who is a senior at Waseda University and known to be close to him, to serve as the successor chairman of the organizing committee.
The person retreating after causing problems with remarks contrary to the spirit of the Olympics was seeking a secret person, so he also criticized himself.
It is known that the angered Prime Minister’s office conveyed the meaning of’the opinion of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’ that it is desirable that a woman or a young person take over as a successor.

The former president of the Kawabuchi Association initially indicated that he would accept the position of president, but after the Prime Minister’s official’s opposition was announced, he changed his attitude to reject it, and the successor, In-sun, was once abandoned.
The world is amazed at the inappropriate remarks of the Olympic Preparatory Command Tower, a festival of harmony, but the situation is frowned upon by the reluctant retreat after trying to endure.
The Mainichi Newspaper commented on Mori’s behavior on the 13th that it “did not seem to understand until the end why he was criticized.”
Mori served as Japanese Prime Minister for a year from April 2000 to April 2001.
Even while he was in office, he caused his approval rating to decline through inappropriate words and actions.
In May 2000, Mori was criticized for denying the principle of national sovereignty stipulated by the Constitution, saying, “Japan is a God’s country centered on the emperor.” Even though it happened, he continued to be criticized for playing golf.
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