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Good morning dear readers,

somehow that seems like potential threat of the US President Donald Trump not to catch. Somehow his supposed art seems to be fast deal to make the assertion resemble Miniplis on bald heads are possible. Three days anyway, after he higher tariffs for China For its part, the People's Republic is repudiating rising payments for US imports (cotton, machinery, grain, aircraft parts). And that, though Trump is ahead retribution had explicitly warned. This trade war kindles the dynamics of the Feiglingspiels ("Chicken Game"), which is the US stock market Dow Jones with minus 600 points (2.4 percent) commented, the biggest daily decline in four months. For investors, trumpism increases the risk of Nervous breakdown,

US President Donald Trump wants to meet with China's head of state Xi Jinping at the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka in late June.

From the Trump camp It is now being said that the US head of state is planning a personal meeting with China's president at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan at the end of June Xi Jinping as well as with the Russian leader Wladimir Putin, This should give the dealmaker without a deal something of a political aptitude. In Moscow However, one explained quickly, by such a rendezvous nothing to know. But that can be US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clear today with Putin directly in the seaside resort of Sochi – if he does not change his travel plans again, like last time, at the last minute. The man from Washington wants in Russia the Iran conflict after the foreign ministers of Great Britain and Germany yesterday told him military escalation had warned.

"America First" may be an old, hackneyed slogan. For German corporations is she reality. Of the total turnover of the Dax companies amounting to 1.3 trillion euros already accounts for a good 22 percent of the United Statesfollowed by Germany (21 percent) and China (16 percent). The big US domestic market, low taxes in Trump country And the high, export-damaging euro-rate drives the strategists in even more dollar investments, right in the middle of the strategy "Made in USA": Whether Covestro. German postal service. Lanxess. adidas. Daimler or Deutsche Telekom, Of course, the US settlers of today have a hope, as we do in ours Cover story analyze: That the top cowboy in the White House in the face of the many "big donors" of his Inch Shoot-Out with Europe.

All bad things are three. In the third process the glyphosate-containing agent "Roundup"It put another defeat for yesterday Bavarian: The chemical company should in one case the Record Criminal sum of a total of two billion dollars, according to the jury in California Oaklandbecause of the weed killer carcinogenic and the company subsidiary acquired in the USA Monsanto did not give due warning. The complaining couple were "heavy users" of "Roundup" and today suffers from lymph node cancer. Bayer is "disappointed with the decision of the jury" – and announces revision. Another 13,400 plaintiffs For their part, they are waiting for their time at the German corporation, which has already been sentenced to nearly $ 160 million. CEO Werner Baumann could learn from Ludwig Börne: "One delusion Lose makes you wiser than one truth Find."

This designer is without a doubt Praised, Career start with self-sewn clothes on a hippie market in Ibiza, Frauenversteher in the TV show "Shopping Queen" despite hard slogans ("The looks a bit like a walrus, which is stranded"), also author of the bestseller "Attraction". So will Guido Maria Kretschmer almost inevitably next Tuesday (May 21) in the category "Best brand personalityHonored – a climax when the "Absatzwirtschaft" and the German Marketing Association again as for many years to distinguish the best brands , If you want to be part of the "Rheinterrassen" in Düsseldorf, send me an e-mail ([email protected]) and hopes for luck. I reserved two tickets.

Since May 2018 we have been working at Handelsblatt on the strategyto give away as good as anything online. Articles, infographics and research tools are chargeableto finance the editorial work. And newly won Customer We want to retain our long-term loyalty through individual offers. For this successful introduction of a digital payment model, Handelsblatt is now using the prestigious "European Digital Publishing Award" been awarded. That was, comments chief editor Sven Afhüppe"Honor and incentive at the same time to make the Handelsblatt digital as indispensable as the printed newspaper is."

The biscuit heir recently made with utterances about forced labor for outrage on Facebook and Twitter.

(Photo: Franz Bischof for Handelsblatt)

Capitalist courage proves biscuit maker Verena Bahlsen26. It was not until she announced at a marketing festival that she was happy that she owned a quarter of Bahlsen: "I want to earn money and mine sailing buy (…) and stuff. "As so much honesty On Twitter to allegations led her inherited wealth based on forced labor During the Nazi period, she said, "That was before my time, and we have the forced laborers paid as well like the Germans and treat them well. "Property obliges here to the free word, even if the pitch does not always fit. And Verena Bahlsen also says sentences that even Kevin Kühnert For example, "I shit on economics when economics is not a vehicle to us as a society forward bring to."

And then there is Manchester City, that English football club with the highest ambitions, the weekend at the weekend championship Made perfect on the island – and now with the regulators of the association Uefa a pretty hopeless running battle leads. The club of coach pep Guardiola could be up for a year in the Champions League soon blocked become. It's about monstrous payments from the owner, the sheikh Mansour Am Zayed Al Nahyan, 48, from Abu Dhabi. Accordingly, sponsors of the club had to pay much less than agreed and officially expelled, the rest paid Al Nahyan stiekum. fair play is one in this modern Manchester capitalism foreign word,

I wish you an attacking day without foul play. It greets you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior Editor

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