moroccan-professor-gets-2-year-sentence-in-sex-for-grades-scandal | The teacher was caught asking sex and body of the student to get good marks

The struggle of the students of the prestigious Hassan University in Morocco for more than two years has seen results. The repercussions against the teachers eventually paid off. A university economics teacher has been sentenced to two years in prison for asking girls to have sex to get good marks on exams. The teacher was sentenced after more than two years of fighting by a group of girls on Instagram.

Moreover, four teachers from the same university are facing trial in a similar case. The children received justice after a campaign by college student Sonia Therab via her Instagram profile @moroccan.outlaws.940. They asked the students to write their experience publicly through this page. Hundreds of girls made revelations from teachers about their sexual abuse and harassment. The revelations were made under the hashtag #MeTooUniv.

The students shared various complaints on Instagram. They released messages sent by teachers asking for sex to add marks. Many also wrote of the experience of being defeated for rejecting the needs of teachers. There was also a message from a teacher asking her to have oral sex each time. Sarah bin Moosa, who led the campaign, told Wise News that teachers demand students’ bodies as a right and if they refuse, there will be disciplinary action against children.




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