Morse Park Swimming Pool Adds Heated Pool!Disabled friendly swimming devices to be launched next week

A swimming pool in the Wong Tai Sin District has been renovated and added a number of new facilities. This swimming pool, which was also visited by Queen Elizabeth II, will give people a new look, and the much-anticipated indoor heated pool will be opened next week. Residents of Wong Tai Sin will future winter swimming. one more choice!

The addition of a warm water pool to the Morse Park Swimming Pool will be launched soon!Swimming friendly devices for the disabled

Morse Park Swimming Pool in Wong Tai Sin District was opened on December 3, 1970. It was the largest swimming pool in Hong Kong at the time, and Queen Elizabeth II personally visited it in 1975 and talked to swimmers! However, swimming enabled for several years, he began to age. In 2018, the government rebuilt part of the swimming pool and added a warm water pool to meet the needs of the residents of the area for swimming in the winter.

The newly added heated indoor pool at Morse Park Swimming Pool will open to the public on March 22. Wong Tai Sin residents will still be able to swim indoors even in severe weather such as thunderstorms and winds. strong In addition to the pool, a device suitable for disabled swimming has been added at the venue, and disabled swimmers can use the device to help get in and out of the water.

In terms of sanitation, the Morse Park swimming pool has introduced an automatic pool bottom cleaner commonly known as a “water turtle”, which is responsible for removing debris in the pool. In addition to the indoor warm water pool, the main outdoor pool, a diving pool and three practice pools, which were closed for renovations, will soon be unsealed and will open on April 16, 2023. Please refer to the figure below for the Morse Park swimming pool charges:

Morse Park Swimming Pool

Opening date: March 22, 2023 (indoor heated pool); April 16, 2023 (outdoor pool)
Opening hours: 06:30-12:00; 13:00-17:00; 18:00-22:00 (Monday to Thursday: Saturday to Sunday) 06:30-10:00 or 18:00-22:00 (Friday)
Telephone: 2320 2023

What facilities have been added to Morse Park Pool?

Indoor heated pool, swimming-friendly devices for the disabled, etc., detailssee text.

When is Morse Park Pool open?

It is open from morning to night every day, but some hours will be closed for a while, in order to get detailssee text.


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