‘Moshi Moshi’ expands new stores in the fragrance group, promoting ‘Chic and Cool’ to increase business portfolio.

Lifestyle store ‘Moshi Moshi’ is expanding into a new store brand in the fragrance group, strengthening the lifestyle business line. Highlight the opportunity for lifestyle products to continue to grow Aiming to open a franchise branch next year

Thai capital group from building a business from Sampeng by opening a store “Moshi Moshi” style file products. The first branch in Sampeng in 2016 until it became popular in the market, able to build a business that continues to grow and expand branches throughout the country Until becoming a leader in lifestyle stores in Thailand With a share of the market share of more than 37.6% and leading the company to raise money on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 2022.

Chun Phokhaisawan Mr Director of Finance and Budget Management / Investor Relations Company Moshi Moshi Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, manager of lifestyle stores Moshi Moshi He said that the overall purchasing power in Thailand in the second quarter is likely to continue to expand. And there is a boost from foreign tourists traveling to Thailand.

The company intends to openbrand new shopin the second half use the concept “Chic and Cool” The product group will have various fragrance products and fragrance brands. which is brand new is used to open a branch in the form of a shop-in-shop, an area of ​​150 square meters, located in the Moshi Moshi store, with the first branch in Future Park Rangsit with the renovation of a new branch and has an area of 613 square meters, while the customer group will focus on adults not like mochi focus on cute product groups and has a target group of 18-35 years. will be considered further

for brand acquisition Very good station Stationery shop from Sampeng in the past It is a shop that operates a business model of buying and selling business. to strengthen the joint business portfolio Currently, the Moshi Moshi store mainly focuses on lifestyle products, while the OK Station store focuses on stationery products. With this new brand, the company has no plans to expand new branches. But it is good for expanding the group of products imported from abroad. because current The company imports 54% of its products from foreign countries and 46% of domestic products, while planning to buy new brands in the future. If there is an interesting brand, the company is ready to consider it.

Moshi Moshi’s store expansion plan this year plans to open 20 new stores a year, and 3 stores have been opened in the first quarter and another 5 stores are being opened in the second quarter, with the aim of reaching 125 stores by 2023 from within. Currently, there are 109 branches available to serve, covering 44 states across the country. The budget for business expansion this year is 130 million baht, for branch expansion and investment in IT systems.

At the same time, there are plans to expand the business into franchises in 2024, with plans to open new branches. which is a single branch to study the market and use as a prototype, it is expected to open in the second half of 2023, and in the next year, 2025, the branch will be expanded to foreign markets in the CLMV group, which according to plans internal In 2025, a total of 165 branches will be open for service.

“Overview of the second quarter continuing to expand new products including adding pet products Expanding more beauty products That’s generating good margins. opening a new branch And there is a collaboration with 3 artists from Thailand, including the launch of the first membership system that provides benefits to customers. And expanding into TikTok’s new online channels with plans to release new products to drive the original branch to grow”

Although the overall picture of the company’s revenue in the first quarter of 2023 was 562.80 million baht, an increase of 55% from the same period last year. It comes from same store sales growth. Children’s Day and New Year’s Day products have grown well. and the recovery of the branch in Platinum Mall with more tourist customers coming in. The company is confident that revenue will grow by 20% by the end of 2023.


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