Mosquito Bites – Dermatologists Dismantle 5 Myths About Mosquito Bites


The rainy season comes with summer, and mosquitoes are easy to breed, making it hard to prevent. I have heard a statement that “mosquitoes like to bite people who love meat”. A Taiwanese dermatologist said that this is only a rumor, and there is no research to support it. On the contrary, there are 4 types of people who are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes; Mosquito bites have different reactions, mainly related to the immune response to insect bites. When you feel itchy after being bitten, you can use 5 major methods to stop the scars.


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4 types of people are vulnerable to mosquito bites

Zeng Yiteng, the chief dermatologist at Taiwan Beauty Xinyi, wrote on the health information website “Health Today” that the “mosquito likes to bite people who like to eat meat” in the market, in fact, there is still no credible research conclusion, it is only rumors and rumors; Experience attracting mosquito bites is mainly due to the surface temperature of the human body, carbon dioxide emissions, odor, biological volume, activity level and other factors, so there are 4 types of people who are vulnerable to mosquito bites:

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Ever feel like you’re being targeted by mosquitoes?

I believe that many people have the feeling that they are always bitten by mosquitoes, and there are different people in the same space, but only themselves are bitten by the target. Dr. Zeng explained that everyone will be bitten by mosquitoes, but the response to mosquito bites varies from person to person. Some people are stronger and some are weaker. bites, but it is more common for people in the same space to be bitten,

“Only some people have a stronger and more obvious reaction, and they feel that they have been bitten all the time. This is related to the individual’s immune response to insect bites.”

He continued that the more often a person is bitten by the same type of mosquito, the body’s immune system will get used to it, and the feeling of being bitten by a mosquito will become less and less obvious. For example, he pointed out that when a baby is bitten by a mosquito, because the immune system has not yet matured and is not used to the mosquito saliva of this species, there is often obvious and large swelling; with age, this situation will become less and less. present, or only a little swelling. He added,

“Many people have only a small amount of swelling when they are bitten by mosquitoes in China, but they will have larger swelling in foreign countries. Delayed symptoms occur about 1 to 3 days after the bite.”

Dermatologists dismantle 5 mosquito bite myths

5 ways to stop marks

I believe that when everyone is bitten by mosquitoes, they will choose to itch and stop scars. Dr. Zeng reminds everyone to avoid scratching as much as possible. Although scratching is more direct and more comfortable, it can temporarily relieve the itching, but if you fall into a vicious cycle of scratching and itching, it is easy to scratch the wound and increase the formation of wounds and bacteria. The risk of infection and, in severe cases, cellulitis.

He suggested that you can use the following 5 major ways to stop scars, which can effectively reduce inflammation and stop scars:

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Dr. Zeng added that the “鎅cross” is actually useful. The principle is the same as that of slapping. It uses a small sting to divert attention from itching. However, it is important to avoid too much force, so as not to scratch the nails and cause wounds.

Develop the habit of swiping away

To prevent mosquito bites, Dr. Zeng suggested that you should prepare more mosquito repellents such as mosquito coils, electronic mosquito coils, electric mosquito swatters, etc., and remember to regularly remove water containers, check the home environment, and maintain cleanliness; and it is more suitable for outdoor occasions. Light-colored long-sleeved trousers, and carry mosquito-resistant water and smear on exposed areas.

In addition, he also reminded everyone to avoid slapping mosquitoes when driving away mosquitoes, and to develop the habit of swiping them away, because many mosquitoes are similar in appearance, and it is not mosquitoes that have a chance to kill them, but insects that are harmful to humans, such as lepidoptera After being killed, the worm body ruptures and releases a venom called “Cryptoptera toxin”, which can cause a strong contact dermatitis, called “Cryptoptera dermatitis”, which will appear red, swollen, Heat, pain, festering and even scarring in severe cases.

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