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Extremely resistant! “Parina” reported arrest “Chaturon” insulting the official

Date 01 Nov 2020 time 20:14

“Parina Kraikupt” went to the police station to report the prosecution “Chaturon Shining “Disrespect the post, accusing the police, rehearing” Mike Panupong “until asleep stated, even after deleting the post, but the mistake was successful

On Nov.1, Ms Parinakraikupta, MP of Ratchaburi, Phang Pracharat Party (NACC) posted a message on his personal Facebook page, stating that “I get out of work. Rena comes to prosecute Chaturon Chaisaeng, charged with insulting the officials. According to Mr. Chaturon, insulting the officer that he had beaten Mr. Panupong Chadnok until he fell asleep, and even though the message was modified, but the failure was successful All caps, old items, new items, struggling



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