Mother and younger brother beheaded teenage pregnant woman… “I even took a selfie with my head up”

A teenage man in India has been arrested by police for beheading his pregnant sister for marrying without the consent of his family.

According to the BBC on the 7th (local time), victim A (19, female) living in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, western India got married in June after running away with a lover whose family had opposed dating.

The two belonged to the same caste, but Mr. A’s family did not allow him because the man was poorer. The family, who had not been able to contact Mr. A, who had escaped, reported the daughter missing, and a few days later Mr. A appeared to the police and announced the marriage.

Then one day, A’s mother (38) visited her daughter’s house and found out that she was two months pregnant. A week later, the mother visited her daughter’s house again with A’s younger brother (18).

Happy with the surprise visit of the two, Mr. A brought his mother and younger brother into the house and gave them a car, and a tragedy occurred at this time. While the mother held onto Mr. A’s leg, the younger brother swung his scythe from behind Mr. A.

The younger brother beheaded his older sister, A, and then took the head outside. The local police said, “The hat is believed to have taken a selfie with Mr. A’s severed head. After the crime, the two left the scene,” and said, “We sent a cell phone to a forensic research institute to restore the photo.”

A’s husband, who was resting in another room at the time, said, “I didn’t know this would happen.”

Afterwards, the hat surrendered to the police. A lawyer claimed that “A’s younger brother was under 18,” so he was sent to a juvenile protection facility, and his mother was detained. However, one police officer said, “We have found evidence proving that he is an adult. It will be challenged in court.”

He added that the police are conducting additional investigations to determine whether A’s father was also involved in the crime, but no connection has been found yet. The hat is scheduled to appear in court on the 13th.

Meanwhile, in March, a father in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, was arrested for beheading his daughter for having an affair with a man he did not consent to. “In India, hundreds of people are killed every year because they fall in love or get married against the wishes of their families in India,” said human rights activists in India.

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