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Mother Bow found drama not going to the wedding, Po Yan brother did not cut off the Sahawong family.

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After a light drama happened because Apil Chavanan Brother of Jute theory Married but Bow Wanda The big daughter-in-law of the Sahawong family attended the event. This event caused a drama from netizens. And saw that Mom Bow was taking a distance away from Po’s family Because the important work of the family did not attend Recently, I met Bow Mae at the event so I didn’t miss out on asking about it. Mother Bow revealed that

The drama does not go to the wedding for brother Por?
That said, it doesn’t have anything at all. We have already talked in the family. But someone came to us to see Come to blame us some Knowing that it is like this Thought it was going well

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Is a matter of matter Pyl with his boyfriend He has already begun But we do not know the date to marry him And Bow accepted the job Saturday – Sunday Saturday is a walking event And Sunday is the closing event of the highly respected Bowman. It has been about 2 months ago.

Like we come to know the wedding day I did not know the auspicious time to dress him from Grandma, but when I checked the queue, it was over the grandmother’s work. He understood. It’s okay if we agree with the adults and follow them. It does not mean that we are not happy or glad. Let us meet later and celebrate later.

Auspicious marrying on a different day?
Is an auspicious time to dress him That is, Pil hasn’t met since the month of Covid, and Bow is detained. And traveling back and forth to each other during that time was difficult And Pyl is in Ayutthaya Grandma is in Buriram. This just met a couple of times, like a bow and Pyl relationship.

Is he is a man If you meet, you can talk Not calling There was no line chatting, and lately, it didn’t get off at all and got news from Grandma that she was going to marry and it’s okay to talk to her sister-in-law. A picture came out, and many asked where Apil had gone.

Is to try to divert Have a problem? Arguing? That is, it doesn’t have anything. Link the drama to curse the bow. A little manners, why don’t you go, keep calm, know give me a moment to explain what it is

Before you ask for courtesy to others. See if you have manners or not before you do. Is not serious Because talking to Grandma Grandma said it was fine. Let’s celebrate later.

Have you talked to Pyl yet?
I haven’t talked yet She was quite busy before getting married. Promote And Bow said that it is okay, in the past he would come often during his single life. But when he has a girlfriend Work moves up Must understand that Everyone has an obligation Everyone has a family

Bow decided to say that Bow is a very comfortable person, if you are free, if you are busy, you don’t have to come. Where is it? Both sides are comfortable. Is that you don’t have to worry about not coming, will Bow be angry with me?

That is, if you come, then come Not meeting each other is always video calling. And during this time Jasmine will be addicted to grandchildren Another male subordinate of Por. We bought a watch for him. When I want to talk, I want to call, call everyone in the family.

People thought that Bow did not take his grandchild to home over there. Will it be cut off?
And there since COVID was in trouble And then jasmine learned Enter a new school Have some special lessons And the bow is a lot of work. And with a bow, the only one who can drive Will call to tell Grandma that I rarely go Grandpa was busy with the cow I just bought. Grandma is busy with the grandchildren who have to raise.

But we talked all the time That we haven’t met. And another reason that Bow didn’t go to Buriram at all was that Mae Bow was sick. Which is quite worrisome Which he was not just physically ill But he got sick too.

We have never seen her in such a mental fallout. So I told Grandma that I didn’t really go. If the bow is empty, please go see Mae Bow first. That’s all, you understand.

Please confirm that there is no problem as many people understand?
No, and Bow is confused. People who come to comment, know where it is. How is Bow? Believe it, Saha Wong, every 3-5 years ago, it was already someone who would mistake it. But with a bow and brother, grandpa, grandma, apologize, one word is over

Is that we learned from our losses that Being angry is a waste of time if one day someone leaves. It cannot go back in time, therefore Saha Wong, everyone can talk, what to talk to

Although Bow is today the daughter-in-law whose husband has died May not be very close And with a long distance But please believe that you still respect and love your grandfather and grandmother the same The best glue is jasmine.

And including Sahawong, everyone will watch and heal Jasmine’s state of mind And all grandchildren So we talked about if anything would be cleared in the house. There will be no one else Will not allow it to be fun for other people Or think by themselves

And what is important is the mental state of Mali and grandchildren when he grows up. And having to eat news like this There was a problem and spoke out in the media. This is what Saha Wong will support each other as much as possible. And will try not to happen at all

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