Mother dies after daughter after learning about the child being hit Heavy crying – stressed, not eating. conjoined funeral prayers

Very sad. Mother died after her daughter. After hearing the story of heavy weeping stressed, refused to eat Relatives prayed for the funeral prayers together at the temple pavilion.

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On July 5, 65, at the pavilion of Wat Phai Lom, Sala Daeng Subdistrict, Mueang District, Ang Thong Province, two bodies of mother and son were set up to pray for Abhidhamma. Mrs. Samrit (last name reserved) 85 years old and Miss Naruemon (last name reserved) 55 years old

query Mrs. Anan (last name reserved) Aunt Jaew, 65 years old, her relatives said that Mrs. Samrit There are 3 children living in the same house on July 3rd. Miss Naruemon and Mr. Pairot (last name reserved) 47 years old, daughter and son were hit by a tricycle accident, causingMiss Naruemon died at the scene Mr. Pairot Severely injured, hospitalized at Ang Thong Hospital. and the relatives brought the funeral Miss Naruemon Set up a merit-making ceremony for the funeral prayers at the pavilion of Wat Phai Lom.

When Mrs. Samrit heard the news that her daughter had died And her son was seriously injured, causing Mrs. Samrit to be stressed and was admitted to the hospital in the early morning of July 4 and died on July 4, so the bodies were brought together for funeral services. It is expected that he will suffer the death of his daughter. and Ms. Narumol’s daughter will be cremated on July 6, while Mrs. Sumrit Mae’s crematorium will be held on July 7.

side Miss Wanphen (last name reserved) 37 years old, granddaughter told me that When Grandma heard the news of her daughter’s death I was very sad and cried all the time. I guess I can’t make up my mind because the eldest daughter died The youngest son was seriously injured. causing stress, refusing to eat And the relatives were taken to the hospital in the morning of July 4 and later died at around 09.15 am on July 4.

However, relatives have not told the news of the deaths of Ms Samrit and Ms. Narumol to Mr Pairote because Mr Pairote was ill with many diseases, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and was also seriously injured. in which the accident case the police officer will wait for Mr. Pairot Get well before you can come and say that What is the cause of the accident? according to the next legal procedure

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