Mother-in-law shot daughter-in-law shot dead Revealing the ominous crow sings Phra Thak will have 2 dead bodies.

From the case of Mr. Panthong, 34, her husband, using a 9 mm firearm to shoot Ms Araya, 26, his wife died before using the same gun to shoot herself in the temple. The incident happened last night in the basement of a house number 30, Village No. 13, Ban Dong Noi, Pakho Sub-district, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani Province, caused by jealousy and fear of his wife’s love for another man, according to the news.

Later, at 10.30 on January 17, 2022, reporters traveled to house number 30, Village No. 13, Ban Dong Noi, Pakho Subdistrict, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani Province, where the funeral of Mr. Panthong Saenlam, 34 years old, was held. Relatives and villagers came to attend the funeral in mourning. have a tent and made food for the guests who attended the event, with Mrs. Dara, 58, the deceased mother sitting in front of her son’s coffin. and light the incense and knock on the coffin telling the child not to worry about the mother and worry about anything Even though my mother is alone but there are relatives and grandchildren to take care of them

Mrs. Dara, the male’s mother, revealed that Last night after the accident He and his relatives prepare to hold their son’s funeral. Until I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sleep all night And this morning he made five bowls on top of the monk’s shelf on the second floor of the house. to ask for forgiveness for the souls of grandparents and the ruler to acknowledge the forgiveness of the son and told the souls of the men not to worry and let them go well because their karma is over in this lifetime Which while praying in front of the amulet’s shelf vibrated until one amulet fell to the ground, he believed that it was the spirit of a son who still cares about his mother who is alone at home. After the daughter travels to work in Korea As for the tragedy that happened, he didn’t blame anyone. Blaming his son for loving and jealous of his wife too much. And in the past, the parents and relatives of the daughter-in-law were very good people. and never had a disagreement with each other before Even still loving each other well all along And today in the afternoon, the son’s body will be moved to the funeral service at Wat Pa Vivek Weruwan.

Meanwhile, at No. 1, Village No. 13, Ban Dong Noi, Pakho Subdistrict, Kumphawapi District, which is the home of Ms. Araya Phewdaeng, or Way, 26, her wife, the funeral is held as well. with villagers and relatives attending the funeral Help spread the tent and prepare food for the guests who attended the event since the morning The atmosphere was filled with the sorrow of the relatives. with Ms. Nookrai Puewdaeng, 64 years old, Ms. Araya’s mother. Sit and welcome guests who come to light incense in front of the daughter’s coffin inside the house. and light the incense to tell her daughter to go well Born in the next life, I wish my daughter to look as beautiful as in this life. And if in the next life there is, it is true that I wish to be born as my mother’s youngest daughter

Mrs. Nookrai revealed that after the tragic event happened last night He couldn’t sleep sat crying in front of the daughter’s coffin and did not see the daughter’s soul to do anything to see. Everything was normal, but there was something wrong that this morning not a single flock of crows could hear. After crying in a row for 3-4 days before the incident with his daughter, and about 1-2 weeks ago, a crow flew around the village. There were 3-4 people in the village died in a row and all the funerals were done. But the crows still flew and cried. Phra Luang Pho at the temple said that There must have been two more deaths in the village, but I didn’t think it was the bodies of my own daughter and son-in-law. and didn’t think it would be a death like this at all

I want to leave it as a cautionary tale about jealousy. And using that emotion is not good. Just like what happened to his daughter and son-in-law. As for the relatives of both sides, they did not think of each other’s feelings or resentment. and did not apologize to anyone because both of them had already left and ask both souls to forgive each other including relatives on both sides The daughter’s body will be cremated at Wat Pa Vivek Weluwan. on wednesday afternoon Because today the temple is stuck in the funeral of the son-in-law. Tomorrow falls on Tuesday. which is a hard day Isan people hold each other




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