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Mother infected with covids with 7-year-old daughter, hospital. Refrain from examination, boil herbs, eat by herself, extinguished in the room.

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At the front of the building, a seven-year-old girl, Maneerat or Nong Ploy, was found crying in front of the building. The officer then took him up to sit in the car, where Nong Ploy said that his father was not here and said that he was sick and would go to the hospital with his bag. leaving him alone with his mother And in the morning, he woke up and called his mother to cook Mama for me to eat. But the mother did not wake up and did not speak. I usually call my mom, she wakes up, but today she wouldn’t wake up. And my mother refused to talk to me since morning until now.

while asking Nong Ploy Relatives in Ubon Ratchathani Province got a phone call on Nong Ploy’s phone along with the information that Nong Ploy’s father tested positive for coronavirus and was sent to quarantine since July 24. He works at Honda and was infected with coronavirus and was sent to quarantine at a hotel. His girlfriend thought he had the coronavirus because the husband and wife had to get it. because he went to sell the alcohol-based masks at the flea market Previously, he called to say that his brother-in-law was infected with covids. which he himself went to check at many hospitals But the doctor refused to check. While her husband was working at the company, he checked. and the infection was found, so he was sent to quarantine at a hotel in the Hua Lamphong area

after knowing the information Officers had to wear PPE protective clothing and the Foundation wearing protective clothing went up to inspect the room at the scene of the accident, with disinfectant spraying all the time during the inspection. Inside the room, the spiritless body of Ms. Mayuree Karat, 43, was found lying dead on her bed. The room was filled with things scattered about. At the foot was found an electric pan in which the herbs were boiled in the pan. Near each other, a variety of pills were found, including cough syrups, anti-inflammatory drugs Strong painkillers and other drugs Several packs were piled up. including the cups and bowls that are stacked It looks like the deceased knew that he was infected with COVID. So he tried to find medicine to eat and inhale boiled herbs to kill germs. by detaining himself in the room Let the daughter come to sleep outside which is the living room. Foundation staff therefore sprayed disinfectant before bringing the deceased body into a 3-layer ziplock bag for autopsy at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

On the side of Mr. Montri which is the father of Nong Ploy deceased husband Got a phone call as well. From the conversation, Mr. Montree said that he had been tired before. and have a cough sometimes The company therefore sent it to the hospital for examination around July 20 and was tested for covid. The results of the tests came out on July 23 and found that he was infected with COVID-19 and on July 24, the hospital where he was tested sent a car to be quarantined at a hotel in the Hua Lamphong area.

“Before going to check for infection, my boyfriend had symptoms similar to coughing, so he had to buy paramedics and paniculata from abroad to eat. Boil herbal water to drink for protection. But after coming to detention, calling to my girlfriend rarely answer the phone. Until I found out that my boyfriend died in the room, now I’m worried but Nong Ploy whether to be infected or not.”

Initially, the staff coordinated and sent Nong Ploy. go to quarantine and test for infection at the small child house in Phra Pradaeng by coordinating and notifying relatives periodically

Reporters reported that at 16:00 the same day. The Anti-Covid Task Force, Ruamkatanyu Foundation, has taken the body of Ms. Aphaphon Soontrachun, 44, from Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Hospital, Samut Prakan, to the crematorium at Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang, Bang Phli Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Province. Samut Prakan for the cremation with Phra Khru Lad Suwattana Silakhun (Phra Achan Jae) Abbot of Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang Presided over the cremation of Mrs. Aphaporn, who died on July 26, with girls aged 11 and 9, both daughters laying in the presence of the mother who died of COVID-19. There is no name in the rental room. In Soi Prionia 2, No. 5/66, Village No. 6, Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, where the mother ordered the loss of both children that if they died, they should go to an orphanage. And from the preliminary examination, it was found that both sisters were infected with covids, with Mr. Somsak Kaewsena, Bang Phli District Chief, Dr. Pichet Puapankitcharoen. Director of Bang Phli Hospital Samut Prakan Children and Family Home staff and only 2 relatives attended the event at Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang, Bang Phli District.

Dr. Pichet, director of Bang Phli Hospital, said that the results of testing for the infection of both children found that they were in the green stage. is not in the lungs And the state of mind is now somewhat better. And got x-rays of the lungs of both children, no problem. The uncle next door has a few spots on the lungs But luckily, Uncle was treated quickly.

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