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‘Mother loves you so much’; Shreya Ghoshal says it is not enough to caress her son

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Singer Shreya Ghoshal shares her latest film with her son Devyan. Shreya posted a beautiful picture of herself cuddling Kanmani close to her chest on social media. In the movie, Shreya looks at the baby with love and Devyan does not look her in the face. Fans have also taken a beautiful picture of the two having a love moment together. The words of Shreya Ghoshal along with the film are also noteworthy.

‘You are always in my hands. But I can not caress you. My heart belongs to you. Not just now, but always. How did you come into my life and define the meaning of love so easily? My dear, my mother loves you a lot ‘, wrote Shreya Ghoshal.

The singer’s loving words have already been discussed among the fans. Earlier, Shreya Ghoshal had shared some pictures of her son. Fans have already taken in the latest picture posted. The movie gets comments that mother and son are equally cute.

Shreya Ghoshal and her husband Shailaditya Mukhopadhyay gave birth to a baby boy on May 22 this year. The two shared the joy of welcoming the first Kanmani on social media. The pictures of the cake prepared by Shreya Ghoshal to welcome Kanmani home were discussed on social media. Shreya and Shailaditya got married in 2015 after a long love affair.


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