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Mother ordered before death Request a Mickey-themed funeral Mouse – will win 3 lottery numbers. People flock to look for lucky numbers.

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Found a strange funeral Decorated with a Mickey Mouse theme, the son obeys his mother’s orders. People flock to look for lucky numbers. After the deceased said to be correct 3

The reporter reported that yesterday (29 May) at Sala Wat Chong Lom The municipality of Muang District, Ratchaburi Province, found a strange funeral The host designed the coffin. And in front of the coffin is the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse for the corpse of Mrs. Thitirat Powsiri, 50 years old Which fell ill died on May 27, with the cremation scheduled on May 30 at 3:00 p.m.

From inquiry Mr. Peerapat Lueangwongngam Son of the deceased Said that the mother suffers from acute renal failure. Before her death he ordered a funeral to bring a Mickey Mouse doll, who previously liked to keep the little trinkets, hair clips. And like only Mickey Mouse dolls since childhood

Mother said firstly, really jokingly, took Mickey. The mouse is a coffin. When wearing the coffin, he only took this doll. So the mother was arranged for the last time. Mother was 49 years old and turned 50 years old. She had an only child. She had been diabetic for a long time since she was 25 years old. This time she made her last happy. Like a coffin made to know that her mother had died The shop also provided with them to design the venue for the event as well.

In addition, family, close relatives and son Also told him that Mother would be a lucky lottery player who had won a lot of prizes. Causing many people who are in the job to try to find the lucky numbers that are important to the job In case of having fortune from the generous host, giving luck according to the beliefs

Before his death, the deceased told his son that he would be right 3 people, everyone stared at the lid of the coffin 370, and the paper house that was prepared in the clerk, which was number 715, 49 years old, roasted 50 years, lived at number 44/29. It is the relevant lucky number from the deceased said. Which many people prepare to find the lottery to keep Waiting for a chance to get rich in the draw on June 1, which is coming to this as well.

side Mr. Piyalap Chamchan, Member of the Council of Provincial Administrative Organization of Ratchaburi And is the owner of Ratchaburi Shop, Golden Box And fresh flowers Ratchaburi Said the host called and said that the mother wants to have a Mickey Mouse cartoon character

So I said I had to do it again urgently, I only had a couple of hours to do it, and I got the pattern. Therefore try to hurry and prepare it in time Saw the good intentions of the child that the mother ordered it last time Therefore quickly fulfills the will of the deceased

In the past, strange events have been held like this. The first event was a wedding funeral at Wat Mahathat Worawihan. As for the funeral arrangement, this was the second type of cartoon style that the deceased liked. Usually never work like this. But when we get the form of work, they will help each other. As for the price, the host was satisfied. And the shop came together to think of decorating Making the work that comes out satisfied with the host as well


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