Mother who was gaslighted by a shaman, not allowed to engage in prostitution

A shocking story was revealed in ‘Crazy Love.X’.

The story of a mother who was gaslighted by a shaman was introduced in the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Crazy Love.X’, which was broadcast on the 12th.

The mother was manipulated by a shaman to forcibly feed her child with dung, and she refused to commit prostitution when instructed to mix with five men every day.

The mother was frustrated when she was sentenced six years ago that her child had lost both eyes due to congenital cataracts, and when everything medical was to no avail, she even leaned on shamanism.

The mother became more blind to the shaman because her son seemed to have improved for a while after praying. In addition, according to the words of the shaman, she entrusted the treatment of the burnt child to the shaman, and divorced her husband. Of course, he was even beaten by a shaman, but the child did not improve at all, causing a sigh.

This was a real case in which a shaman and a shaman colluded with each other from 2007 to 2010. The two surprised everyone by saying that they extorted money from their mother saying that they would make their children better, and that they assaulted and tortured their mother when they could not meet their quota by coercing them into prostitution.

Oh Eun-young diagnosed that it was a heinous gaslighting incident that was carried out by a shaman, a sociopath, using his mother’s mother’s hair.

In fact, in the first trial, the shaman was sentenced to 12 years in prison and the man in the relationship 10 years in prison. has grown

Oh Eun-young said, “The love that parents have for their children is the love that plunges them into a pit of fire,” and said that it is necessary to break away from Korea’s maternal love, where perfection is emphasized.


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