Mother yelled at state hospital, button stuck in child’s nose, doctor said she didn’t have it, went to a private hospital to find it boiling back to demand the doctor’s answer

Mother yelled at state hospital. Button stuck in baby’s nose. Doctor said no. Even when I pressed it, the child said it hurt. Decided to go to a private hospital. Immediately, I found it. I was in a hurry. I went back to ask for an answer from the same hospital doctor, but I couldn’t find it.

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From the case that the page is so brutal – Phuket Province has posted a mother singing to the media, the button of the shirt stuck in the 2-year-old daughter’s nose, the government hospital doctor checked for 5 minutes and couldn’t find it to go home. Tell him to come back tomorrow and if urgent, go to a private hospital. The doctor had an urgent case and had to continue examining other patients. After that, the mother took her daughter to a private hospital. and the doctor found that There was actually a button in my daughter’s nose.

Most recently, on January 26, 65, reporters came to meet with Mrs. Phichittra (reserving the last name), who is the mother of a 2-year-old little girl, revealing that on January 24, 65, around 19:00, at The house called to say that the younger brother had put the button in his nose and couldn’t remove it. So he hurried home and took the child to a public hospital at about 7:20 p.m., arriving and waiting for a check-up line around 2 p.m. Did he see that it was in his nose? along with saying Doctor and no before asking his child where the pain was The child said to the right When I pressed it down, the child said it hurt. And pressing the left side hurts too. Then the doctor said no.

“There is no such thing as giving us back. But my mother said that she had waited a long time. Will you just check this? The doctor said that if your mother is not feeling well, will you come tomorrow morning? So my mom said that if you come tomorrow morning and tonight, what will you do if anything happens? So I asked the doctor like this. The doctor said that the front nurse had already assessed. that the symptoms are not severe, take the heavy queue first If mom is not feeling well, she’ll go see a specialist tomorrow. Mom said what would you do if tonight was going to happen? The doctor confirmed that he was fine. and no purple nails The doctor will make an appointment sheet for you. If your mother is not feeling well, come tomorrow and the doctor will disappear,” said Mrs. Phichittra.

Mrs. Phichittra continued that the doctor also said that If the mother is in a hurry, she will go to a private hospital. before going back to leave him with the child After a while, a male nurse took the baby to the x-ray with a wheelchair. before bringing it back and telling me that nothing was found He asked if it was possible to fall into the stomach and intestines, so he asked if it was not dangerous to go down. He said it wasn’t dangerous. because it is in the food pipe The doctor said it was nothing. Waited a while and did not see the doctor. meet only once And he only took one receipt that we had to pay. After that, he asked for a medical certificate to confirm that the child was really nothing. because the child can’t say anything After paying the money, he took the child home. But the nanny at home still doesn’t believe it doesn’t exist. because the child is tired when talking So I took a flashlight and looked in the nasal cavity and saw it.

After that, he took the child to a private hospital. and inform the nurse who received the matter. Less than 20 minutes before taking his child to the hospital, he saw something stuck in his nose. without x-ray to see then take out the buttons So he asked for the button back. and ask for a medical certificate After leaving the private hospital, he returned to the government hospital again. said to see a doctor who issued a medical certificate but he didn’t come out Two nurses came out and said they were the head of duty. he explained to him He said that if the mother is not okay Mother can write a complaint. But writing a complaint here does not write that the hospital is not good. Only the doctor was wrong. He was a normal person. You have to believe the doctor already. If he didn’t return to look again, it would stay stuck in his nose for a long time. and then dangerous I want to remind you that sometimes we have to observe our children too. Don’t say that you can’t believe the doctor because the doctor says there is no, but we still think there is.



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