‘Mother’s joy is greater than all the good things life has given me’: touching note

Tamil director and actress Nayanthara’s husband Vignesh Sivan wrote a lovely note about the days he spent in Dubai with his mother on her birthday.

Vignesh said that this birthday spent with his family was the most beautiful birthday in his life and the smile and happiness on his mother’s face while visiting foreign countries is the biggest achievement so far.

“It has always been my dream to take my mother to foreign countries and enjoy seeing the different expressions on her face as she shows us the magnificent buildings, the new people and the things she has never seen before the front. This happiness that flashes on my mother’s face makes my life fulfilling.

All my hard work has meaning only now and life is complete. This happiness of a mother is above all the good things that life has given me.

These few days I visited Dubai with my family for my birthday and all the excitement and happiness I shared with them will always be warm in my heart. Thanks to God and the Universe for helping most of my bucket list baby wishes come true’, noted Vignesh.

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