Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo, Indonesia The most challenging coordinates of mountain climbers

believe the conquest volcano It must be the dream of many climbers, and when talking about volcanoes, you will miss it. Indonesia How can we go? Come, follow us to conquer. Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo, Indonesia Let’s go~ Even if it’s a volcano that hasn’t completely extinguished But it has a wonderful and astonishing beauty, especially when sunrise It is said to be stunningly beautiful! How grand it will be, as they say, let’s go see.

Mount Bromo in Indonesia

Mountaineer’s Heaven

If asked about the volcano that has not completely extinguished in Indonesia Mount Bromo Volcano It will probably come up in your head first. Because it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. Especially in terms of the glorious scenery of the sunrise. and the sea of ​​mist that covers the mountains and even though it is a volcano that has not completely extinguished And there was a major eruption in 2011 and the last eruption was in 2015, but there are still a lot of brave tourists trekking to the summit. and immerse yourself in the wonderful nature with your own eyes

highlight Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Bromo Volcano is located in the northern part of the East Java archipelago. And is 2,392 meters above sea level, which is the highlight of the trip to Bromo. Of course, it must be conquer the peak including watch the sunrise Without a doubt at dawn There are two spots to view the sunrise in Bromo: Bromo Seruni and Climbing But if you want to see the most beautiful sunrise, you must go to Penanjakan because this place is said to be the most beautiful sunrise viewpoint in Bromo. We have to travel to prepare there before around 3 – 5 AM to wait to see the first light of the day gradually. shining on the mountain and the white mist that covers the area It is recommended to check the weather conditions first. will not waste the trip

Next is a journey up to the crater on the top of the mountain. which can be traveled by horseback riding Or you can go on foot. if traveling by horse The horse will only go to the mountainside. The rest we have to walk up the stairs for about 200 meters to reach the crater. which the volcanic crater is vast and very beautiful You will see many tourists come to take photos, take lots of beautiful pictures and the scenery up here. I can tell you that it’s not easy to find anywhere. It’s a specialty that can only be found in Bromo.

But what is important is Don’t forget to prepare the equipment and get fit before going up the mountain. because the ascent is quite high and steep and have to walk a lot The volcanic crater is also a sandbar. Care must be taken to avoid slipping. It is recommended to prepare a mask for your nose. because on the top of the mountain there is still smoke and ash floating all the time It should not be inhaled for a long time.

travel to Mount Bromo

Trip to Mount Bromo Most of the time, they will start at Juanda International Airport In Surabaya, then take the airport bus from the airport to the bus station. Bungur Asih to travel to probolinggo city (Probolinggo) and ride on to Semoro Village Lawang (Cemoro Lawang Village) It is recommended to stay overnight there to prepare for the sunrise in Bromo at dawn. and go further to see the beautiful view On the crater of a volcano


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