Mourinho “He doesn’t want to talk to me” to Lampard, a former student who was dismissed |

[Europe / Overseas Soccer News]Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho has been dismissed as Frank Lampard.

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho seems to think he shouldn’t contact his former student Frank Lampard.

On the 25th, Chelsea dismissed club OB Lampard due to poor results. It is reported that Thomas Tuchel will replace him.

Mourinho coached Lampard from 2004 to 2007 during the Chelsea era. In 2013, Lampard played again under Mourinho, winning two Premier League titles. Mourinho, who now directs Tottenham, claims he is not in a position to reach out to his former student.

“Frank doesn’t want to talk to me and wouldn’t talk to anyone but close family and friends, but he’s always sad when a colleague loses his job, and Frank isn’t just a colleague. He’s an important person in his career and I’m sorry he did, but it’s especially the cruelty of modern football, and sooner or later it will happen to him as a coach. “

Tottenham is in 5th place in the Premier League, 4 points behind 9th place Chelsea.

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