Mournful former sexy star “Phi Tai – Malarin” at the age of 71 years

Mournful former sexy star “Phi Tai – Malarin” at the age of 71 died of heart disease. Schedule a prayer at Laksi Temple

On May 29 Movie star page Reported as a sad story of the Thai film industry again when the famous former sexy star. (In the old days called “Dao Gua” is a role in Thai movies. It is not a snub at all) “Sai-Malarin Bunnag” at age 71 died peacefully from heart disease. On the afternoon of May 28, the past was scheduled to pray at Laksi Temple, Bangkok.

For the history of “Phi Tai – Malarin Bunnag” Real name Danulada Sawat Thanaban nickname “Rabbit” or “Tai” was born on June 18, 1951 in Bangkok, is the daughter of Khun Thida Bunnag, an answer to life problems and Famous sex problems in that era Began her life on the Maya journey by entering a beauty pageant and winning the title of Miss Audas in 1969, then she entered the Miss Thai contest in 1969, but did not qualify for the last five. The crown is Miss Thailand to dominate.

“Phi Tai Malarin” entered the Thai film industry in 1970 with her first film work, Thung Maharaj, with “Sombat-Suthi” starring her role as Mrs. Has become a famous temptress (In the old days called “Dao Gua” is a role in Thai movies It’s not a snub at all) and even more famous. When paired with Khomapas Atthaya, another famous seductress has the slogan “Aphrodisiacs” in the movie Lom Rak Talay Tai (1971), where Malarin and Khomapas have a slap scene on the beach. Until the fabric is loosened It was very hilarious in that era and became the forefront of the Thai cinema industry There are many serial film works.

He was a Thai actor who was very famous in that era until he was given the opportunity to act in foreign movies together with the world famous actor “Bruce Lee” in the movie “Young Sin Tung” (The Big Boss), which is her first big movie with Golden Harvest, which brought the set to filming in Thailand. In this story, she plays the role of a prostitute who gets to know the secrets of the mafia. In this regard, she was required to perform a topless love scene in the filming. It was a huge buzz at that time. When the film “Young Sin Tung” was released, it was a huge success and was shown in America in 1973 as Fists Of Fury.

She has many film credits, such as Ghost Sanaeha (1970 Sombat – Aranya), Chao Chom (1971 Sombat – Phechara), Mantra Love Farmer (1971, Sombat – Aranya), Chalawan (1971 Surasit – Suphan). Seung (1971, Sombat – Aranya), Tui (1971, Treasure – Phayao), Saint Songklod (1971, Treasure – Phasara), The Blind Queen (1971, Chaiya – Phisamai), Wind of Love, South Sea (1971, Treasure – Phisao), Heart of Desires (1972 Sombat-Phechara-Ek) Hunt Mahakarn (1972, Khranchit-Suttha) Sala Loi (1972 Sombat-Aranya) Roy Boon (1972 Phairot-Suthi) Petchata (1972 Phairot-Naiyana) Din Khu Fah (1972 Sombat-Aranya) Mother’s Blood (1972, Sombat – Pae Old), Stressy Scent (1972, Sombat – Pae Old), Kaew Klang Na (1973, Top Man – Buppa), Kung Takhian (1973 Sombat – Aranya) Rich Man Cracked Rich (1973 Top Man – Phawana) Bitter Goddess (1975 Krung-Nart-Thanyarat) Dear Student Life Award (1975 Yodkai-Krung-Phawana) Diemh (1976 Krung-Wangping) Duel (1977 Ek-Fernando Sanjo)

In addition to acting in films, she has appeared on television projects such as “Phra Aphai Manee” as well as “Krai Thong” in Vimala, released on Channel 7 on August 2, 2008. Career success By appearing as a Thai movie superstar Is that she traveled to stamp the handprints and footprints as the 14th star at the National Cinema Hall on August 2, 2008.

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