Moved the body of “Waiphot Petchsuphan” from the hospital heading to make merit at Wat Wang Nam Yen.

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14 Jan 2022 10:16 a.m.

Family and relatives invited the monks to invite the draft of the royal song Lae and the national artist “Waipot Petchsuphan” from Taksin Hospital, heading to make merit at Wat Wang Nam Yen, Suphan Buri.

At 8:30 a.m. on January 14, 2022, Mother Orachorn Sakulnee, 71 years old, and Ms. Ramita Sakulnee, 47, wife and daughter of Mr. Waiphot Sakulnee or “Waiphot Petchsuphan”, Boromkru Pluek Thung, who Died at the age of 79, along with relatives and friends in the community of Volunteer Rescuers of the Po Tek Tung Foundation They invited the monks to invite the deceased body to the Niramai room behind Taksin Hospital, where relatives brought long-sleeved shirts and white trousers to wear to Mr. Waiphot. before covering the corpse with a red cloth move into a Toyota van Commuter model, gray bronze color, registration Hong 3663, Bangkok. Heading to make merit at Wat Wang Nam Yen, Makham Lom Subdistrict, Bang Pla Ma District, Suphan Buri Province

However, according to the schedule that has been announced, the funeral will be watered from 2 pm onwards before the royal watering ceremony will be performed at 5 pm. During the removal of the body from the hospital, Relatives did not have any further interviews with reporters.

Later, at 09:30, reporters reported that while relatives invited monks to invite the body of Waiphot Phetsuphan, the deceased luk thung teacher, who left Taksin Hospital, there were luk thung artists such as Sanya Phromnarai to accompany them on the journey. The draft convoy headed to Suphan Buri Province as well.

The initial ceremony will bring the body of Waiphot Petsuphan to set up a procession at Wat Pa Lelai, Muang District, Suphan Buri Province first, and then there will be a new procession. It is a procession in the name of Borom Kru Luk Thung, which will consist of Tossaphon Himmaphan, Odfour S, and his disciples. and fans join the procession singing and dancing parade all the way to Wat Wang Nam Yen to perform a funeral ceremony As for the ceremonies, after that, the family will preliminarily pray at the temple for 9 days and the body will be placed at home for 50 days. to give opportunities to relatives, friends and music fans went to attend the merit making event at the house Before the body is brought to the cremation ceremony next.

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