Movie release Srinath Bhasi’s ‘Chattambi’ and Jaffer Idukki’s ‘Koshichayante Paramb’ hit theatres.

Chattambi and Koshichayante Parambu hit theaters on September 23. ‘Chattambi’ is the first time that Srinath Bhasi, who has appeared in over 40 films in various forms and roles, is playing the role of a solo hero. Chattambi hero Kariya will be the most different character in Srinath Bhasi’s film career so far.

The story of Chattambi is based on the real events that happened in the hill village of Idukki in the backdrop of the 1990s. Chattambi is feared by everyone in Kootar village and is the son of Avira Makan Zakaria. Kariya is the right hand man of a local rich man named Mutattil John. At one point it becomes difficult for even John to learn. With this both of them become enmity.

From Villain in Parva, Doctor Abid Rahman in Virus, Roy in Kapella, Kunjan in Trance and Antony Oliver Twist in Home to Ami in Bhishna Parva, we have seen Srinath Bhasi in different roles. But the makers of Chattambi say that Kariya will be even higher than that.

Srinath Bhasi says that Chattambi is a genre and character that he has longed for. Bhasi said that Kariya is a very rough character, such a character was always my dream. Bhasi’s promotional song, Ingat Nok Pichi Poothat … has already been taken over by the fans.

Abhilash S., associate of Ashiq Abu and author of 22 Women of Kottayam, Da Thadiya and Gangster. Chattambi is Kumar’s directorial debut. Alex Joseph, who is also the film’s cinematographer, has scripted the story of Don Palathara. The film is produced by Asif Yogi under the banner of Art Beat Studios. Apart from Srinath Bhasi, Chemban Vinod Jose, Guru Somasundaram, Binu Pappu, Grace Antony, Maithili and Asif Yogi are also acting. Siraj is the executive producer of the film co-produced by Siraj, Sandeep, Shanyan and Jesna Ashim. Art Direction by Sebin Thomas and Music by Shekhar Menon. Joel Kavi is the editor. Production Manager – Jinu, PRO — Athira Diljit. Content Factory is a PR and marketing strategy. Distributed by Magic Frames.

Young actor Ratheesh Krishnan and Renu Soundar are the main characters in the film ‘Koshichayante Paramb’ which is written and directed by Sajir Sadaf.
Salim Kumar, Jafar Idukki, Sohan Seenulal, Kichu Tellus, Abhiram Radhakrishnan, Raghunath, Gopal G Wadayar, Reena Basheer and Geethi Sangeeta are the other prominent stars of this movie.

Produced by KP Johny under the banner Sandra Preforms, Kannan Pattery is handling the film.
Editor- Jassal Zaheer, Production Manager- Nissar Muhammad, Art- Santhosh Venjaramood, Makeup- Pattanam Shah, Costume Design- Ghafoor, Associate Director- Bichu, Nawaz, Background Music- Sibu Sukumaran, Action- Ashraf Gurukal, Stills- Haris, Ad Art – IQURA , Office Executive – Vinnie Kariad, Production Executive – Gautam Krishna, Production Manager – Sajith Sathyan, PRO – AS Dinesh.

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