“Mowgli” crushed “Samingdam”, bet on the champion of the fight Chang Muay Thai, Wansongchai, wandered Ranong province on December 27, JKN18 shot live.

JKN 18 TV channel invites boxing fans to join in cheering for “Suek Chang Muay Thai Wansongkhai Roaming” and meet selected fighters. Let the fun shake the screen Live broadcast directly from Ranong province. Tuesday the 27th of December

Top female champion Pariyakon Rattanasuban, owner of the logo Bring fun, aggressive boxing to boxing fans to see at home with the logo “Suek Chang Muay Thai Wansongchai Roaming” all over the place in Thailand with the last match of the year 2022. It is appointment to send off the old year and welcome the new year 2023 by bringing the team to visit Wansongchai boxing fans in the south in Ranong Province, especially the leading pair The show is very interesting to watch. “Mowgli” Chor Chon’s wolves Boon will stop the brutality. Can it be Samingdam Luk Suan’s madness, with Wansongchai’s 135lb Lightweight champion as a bet? Imagine having to wear him non-stop. Since Saming Dum can’t go backwards, Mowgli can kick and kick if he stops, for sure!

Wansongchai has chosen a full list, be it Rungrawee Sak Inter. Test your anger with Petchchaowlit Sing Phon Rama 5 will the fight disappear or will the resentment be heavy?

Then watch Petch Toh Sit Cha Mi prepare to smash the rocket, T. Muang Lang Suan opens his head with Ram Bong, Surat Sports School, hits, falls on Sitrak Sak Inter and Konate, Phet Four Muen Taban, Phu Pha Chiep Surat, ending with Super Man Mee Klong Ngoen vs handsome Canvas PU, etc.

It’s all boxing fun in “Suek Chang Muay Thai Wansongkhai Roaming” was broadcast on Tuesday, December 27 at Rong Khuum Boxing Stadium, Central Stadium, Ranong Province, live on TV channels on JKN18 and on Wansongchai’s page from 6:15 pm on.