MP Mew Sirilaphat: Secretly Filmed, Teased, and Accused of Rice Smuggling

Mew Sirilaphat: A Dedicated Member of Parliament Committed to Serving the People

Mew Sirilaphat has faced numerous challenges in his political career, including being secretly filmed, teased, and accused of smuggling rice. However, whether due to his lack of fluency in Thai or a deliberate choice, Mew remains undeterred in his commitment to public service. Rather than sitting idly and finding fault with the villagers, he believes in dedicating his time and effort to his work.

A Remarkable Political Journey

On September 6, 2023, Ms. Sirilaphat Kongtrakan, a member of the Kao Klai Party and representative for Bangkok, shared a message on X in response to a mention about her. Surprisingly, she had already been serving as a member of the House of Representatives for two years. She raises a thought-provoking question: how many times has the council meeting been “adjourned”?

Mew dares to confirm that he faithfully attends every council meeting until its conclusion, alongside his dedicated fellow Members of Parliament. After the meetings, he takes it upon himself to prepare food for his colleagues in the dining room.

An Intriguing Food Mystery

The question arises: why is there often leftover food that Mew has to wrap in a bag to take home once the meeting is adjourned? If all the MPs stayed until the meeting’s conclusion, there should be no leftovers. Could it be that they are not staying until the end? Mew exercises his right to take the leftover food home, rather than consuming it in the dining room.

Regarding the use of the word “smuggling,” it is uncertain whether it is a result of linguistic weakness in Thai or a deliberate act of defamation. Nevertheless, Mew takes pride in his honorable work and is grateful that the Thai people have chosen him. As a politician, he believes in the responsibility to engage in debates and address important issues.

The Power of Media

Mew acknowledges the influence of media and urges others to learn how to utilize it effectively. If one is unfamiliar with media platforms, seeking guidance and advice is essential. Mew himself is more than willing to offer assistance to anyone eager to gain a larger following, as he has over 4,000 loyal supporters.

A Call for Unity

Mew hopes to foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow Members of Parliament. In future meetings, he suggests that instead of leaving early, they should all eat together and engage in meaningful conversations. This approach would facilitate open dialogue centered around the purpose of capturing photos and writing captions, allowing for a receptive audience.

In conclusion, Mew Sirilaphat’s commitment to serving the people and dedication to his political duties are commendable. Despite facing challenges and criticisms, he remains resolute in his goal to make a positive impact in Thai politics.

Mew Sirilaphat did not suffer the blow back, he was secretly filmed, teased, and smuggled in to bring rice back home. Ironically, he did not know the Thai language or it was intentional. It is recommended to take more time to work than to sit and find fault with the villagers.

On September 6, 2023, Ms Sirilaphat Kongtrakan, MP, Bangkok, Kao Klai Party Posted a message on X after being mentioned. It is surprising that I have been a member of the House of Representatives for 2 years. How many times is the council meeting “adjourned”?

Since the council meeting Mew dares to confirm that Mew stays until the end of every council meeting “every time” along with many other far-reaching fellow Members of Parliament. After the meeting, food will be prepared by him in the dining room at by the number of MPs.

The question is, why when the meeting is adjourned? That’s why there is so much food left that he has to wrap it in a bag to go home?? If the number of MPs left until the meeting is adjourned is enough There’s no leftovers this way, right? This leftover food if it is not wrapped back The staff will distribute it anyway, and today Mew uses the right as he has. Don’t sit and eat in the dining room But wrap back to eat at home

Using the word “smuggling”, I don’t know if it is weak in Thai or a deliberate slander. Entered honorable work It helps to be proud that the Thai people have chosen their own. Having a duty to work in politics, to do so, debate, or stimulate any issue.

Sit and take pictures, catch other people’s mistakes, hang up, don’t think they won’t see it. Have a medium in hand, learn how to use it. If you don’t know how to use the media you can walk in and ask happy to give advice If you want to get more followers than there are over 4,000 people

If we meet next time None of the Members of Parliament from the same party sat down to eat with them because they did not make it to the end of the meeting. You can sit and eat together. So that we can talk about the purpose of taking pictures + captions like this what to say ready to listen

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