Mr and Mrs Akishino and Princess Kako to see the “Flower Exhibition” Tokyo | NHK

Prince and Princess Akishino and Princess Kako arrived at the venue before 10:00 am on the 27th.

This exhibition is held by 11 prefectures in the Kanto and Tokai regions, as well as flower groups, and the flowers displayed by the producers are displayed by type.

Prince Akishino listened to the explanation by Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture on the monument about 2 meters high which contains various flowers such as chrysanthemums grown in Aichi Prefecture and kochoran (kochoran).

In addition, Princess Noriko and Princess Kako bent down to appreciate the award-winning works of each category, such as roses and carnations.

This exhibition will be held until the 29th at the “Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan” in Toshima Ward, Tokyo.

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