Mr. birthday concert I was 10 years old in Kaohsiung on Christmas Eve singing_Performation_Shenghao_fans enthusiastically

Original title: Mr Mi’s 10-year-old concert in Kaohsiung on Christmas Eve was singing enthusiastically

The Golden Melody Band Mr Mi MIXER is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. They have just finished rocking Taichung and Takao Rock festival with thousands of people performing their live energy explosion. They announced that they will holding “WE We” in Kaohsiung Pop Music Center on December 24. Ten Years special concert. The day of the performance was Christmas Eve, and lead singer Sheng Hao had his birthday the next day. He said, “Since I was a child, my birthday celebrations were not much different from Christmas, but this year, with the participation of fans, I felt warmer and more festive!” Tickets go on sale at 12:00 noon on Sunday, November 13th. Mr Mo invites fans and friends to come down and have fun together.

Mr Mi is also busy preparing for his new album. Shenghao revealed that he will design special benefits for the concert and sing a hot new song. Guitarist Zhe’an is also very fond of fans, and has collected lists fans’ wishes on the community: “After all, there are many songs accumulated in 10 years… Do you have any special desire to listen to those songs?” The fans were drawn to leave messages, and the level of discussion and expectations exploded. Mr Mi, who made his fortune in Kaohsiung, returned to the starting point on the 10th anniversary of the army and on the 3721st day to mark his original intentions, and said with emotion: “Our first special show in 2012 was in the second session, and now 10 years later today. It is very meaningful for us to stand on the high level performance in the new location which is also Pier 2.”

Since Mr Mi joined the army, he has made arrangements with fans to hold special performances every year. The constant arrangement has become a tacit understanding with the fans, however, due to the epidemic last year, the concert was modified 9th year to online performance, which made them very special. Watch the opportunity to return to physical performances this year. Sheng Hao said: “Our music and performance methods have always been closely interacting with everyone under the stage. It’s not just the stage that performs. The whole concert is created by us and the audience. This time, we have accumulated 2 years During the period many singles have also been released, and it will definitely bring great performances that are different from the past.”

The name of the concert “WE Our Ten Years” also continued to support their audience, extending the M from the English group name MIXER to ME (me), and ingeniously flipping the letter M to represent the W of WE (ni), representing the elk. Thank you to the supporters for your company over the last 10 years. “WE Our Ten Years” concert will be sold simultaneously on the ibon ticket system machine and the website at 12:00 noon on November 13. Tickets can be added to the high-speed rail to enjoy discounts. In addition, the concert also launched a unique LED interactive bracelet of “Our Mr. Moose”, shining the most beautiful scene of the 10th anniversary.Return to Sohu, see more


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