Home Business MR.DIY won the “THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2021” award in the category of excellence, Most Potential Company Award.

MR.DIY won the “THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2021” award in the category of excellence, Most Potential Company Award.

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Mr. D.I.Y., a decorative product retailer And the largest home repair in Asia, won the THAILAND TOP COMPANY AWARDS 2021 in the category of excellence “Most Potential Company Award”, reinforcing the success of business operations that are outstanding in many aspects from consumers. whether it is the performance of innovation and future growth opportunities With Mr. Thitanan Sun, Executive Director of Mr. D.I.Y. Thailand, was the representative to receive the award and was honored by His Excellency Professor Emeritus Dr. Kasem Wattanachai as the award recipient. On Thursday, November 18, 2021, at the Ballroom, InterContinental Hotel, Bangkok.

Ms. Thitanan Sun, Executive Director of Mr. D.I.Y. Thailand added, “Mr. D.I.Y. is proud to receive this award. And thanks to all customers who support us. make us become an outstanding organization Including receiving the “Most Potential Company Awards” which reflects the business operation in terms of innovation, service and good business growth opportunities. We will strive to develop products and services. including developing branch expansions to reach customers To provide a convenient shopping experience near home, including complete products to customers across the country And the important thing that drives Mr. D.A.Y. to be successful is The fact that we have 11 main product groups to choose from and a variety of more than 18000 items and covering more than 1600 branches throughout Asia, ready to expand to Europe in Spain and Turkey, as well as the shopping potential of Thai customers. have a good growth rate and very interesting especially sundries and hardware products, which are the best selling products in the consumer group for both men and women. Finally, Mr. D.I.Y. will expand its branches to cover to meet the convenience of shopping for all customers.”

In this regard, Mr. D.I.Y. will maintain the quality of products and services for all customers. and is committed to continuous improvement To meet the needs of customers with a variety of utility products with impressive service including focusing on Mr. D.I.Y. is a shop that is suitable for customers in every lifestyle and Mr. D.I.Y. has a new model with Mr. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. Express, which is a small model shop suitable for urban society under the concept of “convenient, easy to shop, pay less” but still packed with quality and complete products. Finally, Mr. D.I.Y. Still holding on to value as an important thing under the slogan “Always Low Prices” that delivers quality products at affordable prices.

For more information about MR.DIY, please visit Facebook: @mrdiyTH , Instagram &Tiktok: @mrdiy.thailand , Line: @mrdiythailand , LinkedIn: MR.DIY Thailand and YouTube: MR DIY Thailand.

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