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Mr. Golden Jar Prepare to release a great song, Ae Mira “Good father but bad husband”

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Prajakchai Golden Jar Loud after watching the show, the trend after Teacher Paiboon came out to clear the problem. Connected to Ae, the cool phrase “Good father but a bad husband”, recently made a song for Ae Mira

Looks like it’s not an easy ending for the case of Ae Mira and Teacher Paiboon​ The ex-husband who hunted for success on the teacher’s side, Paiboon, came out to clear the problem through the young Kanchai’s node program. Later, during the live broadcast, there was a call on the Ae Mira side to talk about both sides Finally, the phrase came out of Ae again with the words “good father but bad husband”.

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latest on the side Prajakchai Golden Jar who came to take care of And pull Ae to be an artist in the camp, and have the opportunity to look at the retrospective trend. Then prepare to release a song “Good father but a bad husband” immediately after watching it, posted on Facebook that A good father but a bad husband – Eh Mira, Aj. will send a guide for this song to recite tomorrow. And prepare to go to the recording room urgently. Ready to shoot Mv. Please. (This song must be fast Hit the iron, hit it while it’s hot) with tag

Thank you FB picture : Prajakchai Golden Jar

Then that same night, a poster of the song immediately came out. “A good father, but a bad husband.” with a caption posted that The dress is done, Ae Mira, prepare to recite…'”Everyone can sleep” This event will have to wait to listen to this song from Ae. How will it come out?

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Thank you FB picture : Prajakchai Golden Jar

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