Mr Larry Hogan west of Maryland from Redskins new stadium plans - Story

– (AP) – Mr Larry Hogan has abandoned talks to make peace for Washington Redskins to build his first stadium on the Maryland-owned federal government site.

The speech, Amelia Chasse, told news outlets on Tuesday that Hogan will continue to control the state of 300 acres near the National MGM Sea. In December, Hogan recognized the negotiation of unplanned land swap which could solve the 60,000 seats stadium. This plan was raised by surprise local politicians and those who were worried about environmental and financial impact.


"We are not dealing with the Redskins in relation to this site at this time, however, we are moving forward all over the state control of the Maryland Gateway in the Prince George County from the federal government. We believe that there are significant potential benefits at this site for the region and the state, as the proposal extends federal defense park in West Maryland. We are working closely with our federal partners to complete the move. "

Amelia Chasse, Communications Director for Maryland Regulator Larry Hogan

The decision of Hogan and the decision of Norway leaves the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, with one sole-Columbia District. His first choice is the Washington RFK Stadium, but now has less marketing chips.

FedEx Field Redskins can not leave in Landver, Maryland, until September 2027.

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