Mr Mississippi, Doug McLeod, is accused of punishing a woman against sex

Mr Mississippi, Doug McLeod, is accused of punishing a woman against sex


FILE – In March, December 19, photo files, Rep. Doug McLeod, R-Lucedale, examines a health care hearing by House Medicaid Committee, at Capitol in Jackson, Miss McLeod from Lucedale was arrested on Saturday, May 18, 2019 for a charge. domestic violence. t McLeod contested his wife after a speedy easing when the law maker wanted to get sex, according to a police report in the case. (Photo: Rogelio V. Solis, AP)

JACKSON, Miss. – Philip Gunn, Speaker of Mississippi House, said he needed a state representative accused of domestic violence resign if there are real allegations that he pleaded his wife against him without quickly easing when he wanted to get sex.

Gunn in a statement of alleged acts of state republic Doug McLeod called "unacceptable."

McLeod was arrested on Saturday in his house in Lucedale.

The Sheriff Herald County Sheriff's investigation report found by the Sun Herald said that McLeod, 58, was drunk when delegates came to the family home on Saturday night.

Delegate's Report McLeod had married his wife and blew her nose. They found blood on the bed and on the floor of the bedroom.

When McLeod opened the door and the officials said that they were responding to a report on domestic assault, they wrote that he replied “Are you mourning me?”

The delegates said that they could hear McLeod when he walked back inside, saying that “the cops were here.” T

"Mr. McLeod had a great talk and walked slowly in a zigzag pattern," the delegates wrote, adding that he was so unconfirmed that he had to stick a handrail to keep his balance.

When the delegates came in, they said that two women were standing at a stairs and they were both afraid. McLeod's wife came out on the outside after the delegates were sure they would keep her from her husband.

The deputy man said that McLeod's wife was shaking and upset. McLeod's wife said that her husband was drunk and “just as it was,” as he often does when he is under the influence of alcohol, the report said.

Another woman who was present said that McLeod's wife was running up to her room, that she had blood. The woman closed the door and locked it with McLeod's wife.

The other woman said that McLeod started hitting the door and telling the women to open it. He told the other woman that she didn't open the door, “she killed her dog (absent). '

McLeod's wife did not want to go to the hospital in an ambulance, but she confirmed that her daughter would take her to inspect her so that authorities could check the injuries.

Sheriff George County Keith Harvard said in the paper that the investigation is still open.

The Associated Press reported that McLeod was free on bail and did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

McLeod has been represented on the counties of George and Stone since 2012. He has no opposition for reconciliation this year.

“I have tried to contact Rep McLeod to ask him to quit if he is satisfied, these allegations are true,” said Speaker Gunn in a statement. “These actions are unacceptable to anyone.”

Contribution: The Associated Press

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