Mr. Trot’s TV Choice 2 contract falsification contract application investigation entertainment agency

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TV Chosun requested a police investigation into entertainment management company Moco Ent.

On the 20th, TV Chosun issued an official statement saying, “There is no fact that we have signed any kind of contract with Moco Ent for ‘Mr. Trot 2’.”

In the process of a company requesting investment from an investment company, it was confirmed that a fake contract in the name of Moco ENT related to the management of the cast of ‘Mr.

TV Chosun said, “Company A was submitting a fake contract called ‘Mr. Trot 2 Management Consignment Agency Contract’ in the name of Moco Ent. We are concerned about harm not only to investment companies but also to those expected for them to appear in ‘Mr. Trot 2’ in relation to Moco Ent’s falsification of private documents, etc. Considering that there may be unexpected victims of goodwill, Seongdong Police Station was asked to investigate.”

He continued, “Suggestions continue to come in for broadcasters, such as asking for investment by impersonating an officer in ‘Mr. If there are any issues, please contact the production team and we will respond faithfully to their advice so that there is no victims appear.”

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