“Mrs. Huzhu” ending starring Yang Mi and William Chan send farewell to the role | William Chan | Mrs. Huzhu | Yang Mi_Sina Entertainment

Yang Mi, William Chan

Sina Entertainment News on the evening of the 5th, “Mrs. Hu Zhu” ended, starring Yang Mi and William Chen on Weibo in a long post to bid farewell to the role. Yang Mi wrote: “Thank you for your support of “Mrs. Huzhu” and your love for Haishi. I also really hope that, as Haishi said, she can be a few years older in another time and space, and be happy with Master. Live a long life plainly, a good life, brilliant and bright! See you in the future!”

Chen Weiting wrote: “The story of Fang Zhu has come to an end. No matter Fang Zhu or Fang Jianming, for me, it is an inseparable memory in my life. Sending you a thousand miles away, there will always be a difference. Goodbye Fang Zhu. Hope in your world. , Ji Fenghua always blooms.”



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