Home Entertainment M’s mind from awkwardness to the day of comprehension. There is a good life cost because the father created it.

M’s mind from awkwardness to the day of comprehension. There is a good life cost because the father created it.

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Used to come out to express his thoughts The awkwardness as the daughter of a famous comedy. Mom To be in the midst of the spotlight since childhood for M. Topaz But recently, the subject revealed another view In the beauty of being a mom As the person said

“35 years anniversary today

What I always thought was If there is no father and mother M would not have today.
Mum and dad proved to Em that How difficult is it to have a child when not ready? It gives Em the value of living in the shadow of his parents, it’s cool. At the same time I always feel warm….

May have been embarrassed by the word “funny son” or the need to act in society with a famous father. What to do is like being fixed. It was difficult to choose someone in a relationship and never found sincerity.

But when one day he grew up And see things around him, including the good fortune that is in itself, that is The bridge that my father built for M to walk was very long and strong. Em doesn’t have to swim across the coast as tired as everyone else. Admit it cost MD’s life because the father created it for you. It is a good result for M to be added to the balance. No matter what you pick up and do People are taking part in support because of the love of the father. The prestige that the father had created, it fell to M.

“Dad’s footsteps are huge.”
But what will be done is Make big footprints Dad’s footsteps are more visible… .It’s easier than doing big things to erase footprints or compare dad’s footprints. … .That is to promote the footprints that the father created to remain outstanding for a long time

I love and respect my parents the most …… I have not seen this year. I want to worship my feet very much. But sent a surprise already ❤️ Child’s birthday Good luck in life is to make the Arahants in the house happy….

However, he wanted his father to stop farting the blanket. Mom was angry and didn’t know which room to move to. There is only a broken air-conditioned room. Mother endured until her lungs were broken. The respiratory system is already short-circuited… ..🤣😂

P.S. I was born in 29 years, I am not born in 30 years (in the Internet, wrong information 😅) “

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