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With Ms. Edith Gingras, Regional Director Africa and Middle East of the Canadian Parliamentary Center, Ms. Yawa Djigbodi TSEGAN had discussions on strengthening cooperation for gender-sensitive legislation.

Ms. Edith Gingras was received on September 28 at the headquarters of the Togolese National Assembly by the president of this institution, Me TSEGAN.

On the agenda of the discussions, the presentation of the different axes contained in the “project of inclusive legislatures for gender-sensitive policies” as well as the support of the Canadian Parliamentary Center for the implementation of the strategic institutional development plan of the National Assembly. Ms. Gingras sought advice and guidance for successful implementation of the project.

“It’s a four-year project; so we work on gender-inclusive legislation and sensitive policies. We will collaborate with Parliament, involving all stakeholders, from women parliamentarians to men, because we are addressing the issue of gender. We will also work in partnership with civil society. It’s about seeing how we can support Parliament in carrying out its strategic plan, creating more gender-sensitive legislation, and how we can collaborate with civil society organizations. This project also includes Ghana and Kenya, which will, of course, allow for a fruitful exchange and learning from the experiences of other parliaments. This is a learning opportunity for all parliaments,” said Ms. Gingras.

The Parliamentary Center is one of Canada’s most experienced non-governmental and non-partisan organizations committed to supporting inclusive and accountable democratic institutions. Initially created to support the Canadian Parliament, the Centre’s programming has gradually acquired a global reach. Today, the Center supports more than 120 legislatures in 70 countries. Through more than 300 inclusive projects, the Center develops innovative tools and services to promote stable, long-term governance in stronger societies.

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