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Ms. Wang Yuling, widow of Zhang Lingfu, a famous military general, passed away | Anti-Japanese War | Kuomintang and Communist Civil War | Menglianggu

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[Epoch Times October 11, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) On the evening of October 9, Ms. Wang Yuling, the widow of Zhang Lingfu, the famous general of the Republic of China, passed away peacefully at her home in Shanghai at the age of 94. Zhang Lingfu was regarded as a “victorious general” during the War of Resistance Against Japan, and the story of him and Wang Yuling was also widely circulated.

Wang Yuling is Zhang Lingfu’s last wife and his most beloved wife. After Zhang Lingfu’s death, Wang Yuling remained alone and never remarried.

Wang Yuling did not regret her short marriage. After many years, she said, “If I knew it, I would marry him earlier so that I can spend more time with him.”

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Wang Yuling was born in a prominent family and has a rich family fortune. The grandmother was the daughter of the governor of Liangjiang in the Qing Dynasty.

When Zhang Lingfu proposed marriage, Wang Yuling’s mother was very opposed. After all, the difference between the two was 24 years old. What’s more, once a soldier came to the battlefield, who knew if he could come back. And Wang Yuling believes that the Japanese have surrendered and the war is over. These are not problems.

Later, Jingcheng Qianzhu married, 42-year-old Zhang Lingfu and 17-year-old Wang Yuling married. Zhang Lingfu said: I feel so happy, “I finally know myself, and there is no regret in my life.”

Zhang Lingfu said affectionately: “I begged a good wife. This is more important than wealth. If I want to beg, my wife can get me a bowl.” Wang Yuling was very moved.

In front of Wang Yuling, Zhang Lingfu never talked about the things he was proud of, nor did he tell her the most painful things about him. Wang Yuling thinks he is very reliable.

As a lieutenant general and commander of the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China, Zhang Lingfu made great achievements in the battle of Songhu, Nanchang, Changde and other anti-Japanese wars. He has also participated in the encirclement and suppression of the CCP’s Red Army four times.

Zhang Lingfu, who has been encircling and suppressing the CCP’s Red Army for many years, has a clear understanding of the CCP. In December 1944, Zhang Lingfu once said to Chiang Kai-shek: “China’s current trouble is not the Japanese invasion, but the Communist rebellion. When the Communist bandits are taking advantage of our war, they will not obey orders, expand their strength, evade operations, and if they win the war of resistance. , Peppi learned the wisdom of the Russian communists, and took advantage of the exhaustion after the war to rise up and rebel. I hope he can do it soon.”

In May 1947, Zhang Lingfu was martyred in the Battle of Menglianggu. After Zhang Lingfu’s martyrdom, Chiang Kai-shek received Zhang Lingfu’s suicide note, which wrote: “Today the war has deteriorated, drinking water is cut off, food and ammunition are exhausted, the whole teacher is lonely, and the enemy is on all sides. I will fight to the end and report to the party state and leaders. , Sent soldiers and subordinates, determined to use a bullet to make you benevolent, and serve the teachings of the principal for many years.” Later, Chiang Kai-shek released the article “In Memory of Zhang Lingfu’s Suppression of Bandits and Become Ren”, a statement commending Zhang Lingfu’s “killing and benevolent.”

The famous anti-Japanese general Zhang Lingfu. (Public domain)

In April 1949, Wang Yuling went to Taiwan with his mother and son Zhang Daoyu, and then left for the United States. Wang Yuling worked in airlines for more than 20 years, and did not return to mainland China with her son until she retired and settled in Shanghai.

Later, Wang Yuling asked the people from the State Council of the Communist Party of China: If he stayed in the mainland in 1949, how many passes would he probably pass? The man said, “You can’t pass the first level.”

Zhang Lingfu’s father Zhang Hongen was implicated by his son and committed suicide during the land reform in 1953. The younger brother Zhang Anren (Ge Lin) and the second daughter Zhang Huijun committed suicide during the Cultural Revolution.

Before 1966, Zhang Juli, Zhang Lingfu’s eldest son, suffered difficulties due to his background. After the “Cultural Revolution” began, Zhang Juli, who was imprisoned in the school’s bullpen, was criticized and beaten every day, and almost committed suicide several times.

The property owned by Wang Yuling and Zhang Lingfu in Nanjing was embezzled by the CCP. Wang Yuling, who later returned to the mainland to live, could only borrow to live with relatives. For many years, she has been fighting for her own property rights and waiting for the CCP to return her property. In 2012, Wang Yuling, who was 84 years old, said: “I have been waiting for almost 30 years, and there is no more 30 years to wait in my life.”

In 2014, a mainland netizen disclosed that Zhang Lingfu’s remains were buried in a villager’s courtyard in Yinan County, Shandong Province. The courtyard was filthy and noisy, and the remains were buried under the sheepfold and left to be trampled on. This news was later confirmed by Zhang Daoyu, Zhang Lingfu’s son.

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