MSCI volume push

Yesterday, the turnover of the Thai stock market was 90.6 billion baht.

Or is it the highest trading volume in almost 9 months

The increased volume comes from MSCI Rebalance, Thailand’s stock market, and is effective at the closing price on May 31, 2023.

preliminary assessment

MSCI’s incoming funds should be around 50 billion baht of the trading volume of 90 billion baht.

Stocks with the most money coming in are Siam Makro Public Company Limited or MAKRO

Stock orders were found to be during the ATC. Siam Makro Public Company Limited (MAKRO) at a closing price of 40.50 baht, a total of 156 million baht, or approximately 6,318 million baht.

for moving stocks entering and leaving MSCI

As well as the MAKRO which has reached the MSCI Global Standard.

Thai stocks excluded from the MSCI Global Standard are JMT Network Services Public Company Limited (JMT), Thai Union Group Public Company Limited (TU).

MSCI Global Small Cap Division

There are selected Thai stocks such as JMT, Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited or TIDLOR.

Sappe Public Company Limited or SAPPE

SISB Public Company Limited or SISB

and Thai Union Group Public Company Limited or TU

JMT stock, despite being dropped from the MSCI Global Standard, is now in the MSCI Global Small Cap.

cause JMT stocks to have orders coming in during ATC or at the closing price of 50 million shares at a price of 43.00 baht per share

or 2,150 baht

As a result, the trading value of JMT shares rose to 2,923.8 million baht, ranking 8th among stocks with the highest trading volume.

MAKRO is in first place with a trade value of 7,883.2 million baht.

As for JMT yesterday, it was also supported by Kiatnakin Phatra Warrants Adjusted the new target price to 81.00 baht, leading to speculation throughout the day.

As for other stocks that have entered MSCI and are interesting, Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited or TIDLOR

23.9 million shares were traded at the closing price of 27.75 baht, equivalent to 663 million baht.

and when including the value of intraday trading causing the value of Ngern Tid Lor yesterday to reach 1,268.1 million baht

As for the closing price of 27.75 baht, it is considered a jump price in the pre-ATC period, with the price moving between 27.00-27.25 baht per share.

SAPPE joins MSCI Global Small Cap interestingly.

Because before, the stock price has always been raised.

As of early May ’23, the price was still 60.00 baht, but the previous day the price was 81.50 baht, an increase of 35%.

Yesterday there was speculation all day. The price is pushed up to a maximum of 85.25 baht.

before closing at 84.75 baht +3.99%

With orders coming in during the ATC about 1.97 million shares (at a price of 84.75 baht), worth 167.3 million baht.

TU was dragged down to close in negative territory.

while the price of SISB increased during the ATC and closed at 39.75 baht (before ATC 38.50-38.75 baht), with the number of shares purchased during the ATC 4.5 million shares, representing 180 million baht.

Today’s trend after the end of MSCI

Thailand’s stock market should return to normal.

Trading volume should come down to about 40 billion baht +/- that’s it.